Saturday, June 1, 2013

ManFriend Relapse

I slept with ManFriend.

Friday I was really annoyed that ManFriend still didn't pay for the furniture he asked me to buy when he looked at the apartment what, 19 months ago.  And even though we broke up, I didn't think those pieces of furniture he took should be a housewarming gift...not after everything else.  And since our personal relationship was over.  I wrote a letter to him as his ex-landlord demanding the money but I waited until I was home to send it.

As soon as he read it he called me to yell at me for behaving in such a way.  I cried...I mean, I wasn't trying to be mean, but he can't dispute the fact he hasn't bought the furniture and in essence stole from me.  The way I handled it was what pissed him off. I thought it was a little funny, he doesn't necessarily get my odd sense of humor.  But I understood where he was coming from, I probably should have called...but we chatted about it a week and a half before and through texts and before he moved out and before that. I thought an email, when he was home would be better - he could add it to his to do list.

So after I started crying he felt bad and said he'd make it up to me, and asked if I'd meet him half way for dinner and he'd give me the money.  sure.  Why not?  We continued to catch up from the last 2 weeks and talked for 40 minutes or so, a really nice conversation.  Then he told me to forget meeting half way, but to go to his place and we'd kiss.  I said that probably wasn't a smart idea, but I wanted to.  You know my problem with kissing is amazing. I wanted to feel that amazement again.

So I put on a summer dress and schleped to Chatham.  Of course I was attracted to him.  He looked so good. That is what happens after 3 weeks go by after not seeing someone.  He practically devoured me as soon as I got into his place.  The kissing was fantastic.  The moment we had on the couch staring in each other's eyes and kissing and groping  I didn't want to leave for dinner but I was so hungry and having dinner when you are so horny like that is a little fun.  We held hands in the car, we held hands walking to the place.  We kissed like fools in the parking lot.

So we went to dinner had a bottle of wine chatted for another 90 minutes or so and went back to have 3 minutes of sex - where he said he loved me and we talked for another 90 minutes. I think finally around 1:30/2 am we went to bed - and I had to be up at 5:15.  He paid for dinner, but I didn't get the money for the furniture.

I am not stupid, while it was such an amazing night...I know it doesn't mean we'll date again.  There are huge differences that won't change.  He either doesn't want or is not ready for the kind of relationship I want.  And I can't waste my time with that anymore.  But, if the last three weeks made him realize that he is passing up and is ready to do fun things together...well, maybe I'd reconsider.  So if this was our last encounter, at least it was really nice and we are walking away with happier memories of each other. And if it isn't our last encounter, well, I don't mind more kissing.

and PS...that woman that he was linkedin with this week...I wasn't entirely wrong.  They definitely slept together...but it was before me.

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