Sunday, October 9, 2016

good year so far even among the stress

Looking back on the last year, I am both happy & upset with my personal accomplishments.  I've been on some fantastic trips and saw new places, which of course I love.

I went to:

  • the top of Mt. Evans
  • Salt Lake City
  • Dallas
  • New York City
  • Steamboat Springs
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Napa Valley & Yosemite National Park
  • Seattle
  • Oregon
  • Cruise to Caribbean 
  • New York  
  • Aspen/Snowmass

Out of my comfort zone I met up with an old high school friend and of course dated.   Some fun things included buying a bicycle, went to a broncos game, took 10 kickboxing classes, went to a Knicks game, went to a Nuggets game, some craft classes like making a glass bowl, glass tile, cooking classes, hikes, and things like that.

But and this is where I am hard on myself, I haven't made any of the 'hard' decisions, such as about my job and my living situation and what I want out of my life.  These last two months I have been thinking a lot about the living situation, and purchasing vs renting and if this where I want to be? and for how long is worth it?  or is renting temporary places good enough even though it is more money in the long run.   And what else can I do in my everyday life/weeknights to make my life more exciting?