Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I haven't been anyone's plus one since SI....oh wait, no, once I went to a wedding with a girl friend.  But that all changed this past weekend.  I joined a meetup group, was subsequently invited to another but the RSVPs were closed.  This guy called the event host and I became his plus one.

He picked me up before the meetup, we had lunch then went to the person's house for the event.  He returned me back home twelve and a half hours later.

My roommate said it was a date.  I didn't think so.   But then I was thinking about it.  He did open the car door for me multiple times, he did pay for lunch (I attempted to pay), and he informed me that another guy from the event would no doubt be contacting him to ask about my relationship status but that was about it.

The next morning I get a text saying "I am a bit aloof with dating because I have the cold sore virus, hsv1.  Some are okay with it and some aren't.  I accept all reasons someone doesn't want to date me.  I'm asymptomatic"

What?  Where did that come from? Was that intended for me?  Why would someone say that when 60-90% of the population has hsv1 - but more so because it came out of left field?

It took me two days to respond because I kept thinking about how to reply.  I kept typing and deleting.  Would I want to date this guy? I don't know.   He talks a lot.  A LOT.  Was it his normal or was it nerves?  Aside from that he seems OK in the vaguest sense...but I know nothing about him except for the two topics we've talked about.  Surely not enough to make a decision about dating.

My response, "Sorry for the delay getting back to you.  I have enjoyed chatting with you the last two meetups, but we've only really talked about event ideas and games.  I really don't know anything about you to know where my interest is."  Yes, kinda lame and not really an answer.  I guess if I wanted to date, it would be a yes.  Maybe I am a wuss and couldn't say no?  But on what grounds?  Like I said, he seemed OK.  Maybe a (real) date wouldn't be a bad idea.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I know where some of my skills are.  I can manage, plan, execute, followthrough.  Those are great skills in my line of work, which is perhaps why I am in this line of work; it suits me.  Because it is natural for me to do this, I forget other people are clueless.  Sometimes some of it seems like knowledge other people should have, especially when it comes to small events....hasn't everyone at least planned a birthday party or holiday? Shouldn't some basic event tasks be thought about if one were to actually take a moment and think?

We had a conference at my job, and when the committee reached out to me a month prior, I was shocked at how little was done.  I offered suggestions.  Gradually I took on most of the responsibility.  They decided they wanted new brochures the week of the event...they don't realize how much time it takes to create a nice looking brochure, or the fact that they were too cheap to purchase a copy machine that staples or I had to do it all by hand. The day of the event, I had to be the first one there as I was the only one with access to the building.  Since I am not in the field, when the event started, they all left me.  I knew this was goign to be a problem, and asked if I could bring in outside help for day; but they didn't want to spend the $100, when I could do everything.

As the event continued, I was summoned, the microphone is echoing, fix it.  The speaker's laptop is going to die, can you find an outlet?  Can you look to see if her stool can be raised?   Ummm, why can't you look at the stool, by the time it took you to come out of the auditorium, you would have realized that the stool couldn't be raised.   But while I am fixing one area, another committee member tells me how she wants the break arranged...why am I not doing that now?

Last time I checked, I was one person with two arms, not an octopus.  I can only do so much.  I did 85% of the conference on my own.  The other 15% was the committee....and if truth be told, just got in the way most of the time anyway.  They didn't help in areas they needed to help in.  I felt more like a low paid employee than the true purpose of why I was hired.  It was too late.  Even if I wanted to stick up more for myself...there was no one there to do the work.  It was a real eye opener for me what my employer thinks they want from me versus actual expectations.  Or really, they want it all, and they want it for almost nothing.

I grew agitated, and it showed.  The New York in me started to stand out.  I started to wonder if I was going to have to start looking for a job again...because I am not sure I want to work for a group of people that are extremely impressed with my knowledge and skills...but yet, aren't willing to change, only consider my ideas for just a few seconds, are nice enough but somewhat inconsiderate, and expect me to do it all....but then again, aren't most jobs like that?   There are a few things I really like about my job.  I love that I have zero coworkers....well, except in times like the conference when I needed 'real' help, that I hope I can put some of the theories and studies into practice, and having mostly flexible hours.  If I can just find ways to make them understand a little bit better, this could have a happy ending.

Friday, April 17, 2015

first time in a pot shop

So many people assumed when I moved to Colorado that I either love to ski or came for the marijuana.  But it is neither.  I am not a fan of skiing and don't have a desire to try it unless my future husband insists and I've never tried marijuana before.  Recently I've thought about maybe trying it...but what it comes down to is money.  Why start something now?  I'd probably like it...and where would all that money come from to purchase it?  Better not to start at this point.

But just because I don't use it, doesn't mean I am not curious about the pot shops.  I knew that the red stores were medicinal and the green were recreational, but other than that...I had no clue.  I had the opportunity recently to go into one and I jumped on the chance.

When we first entered they checked our IDs and once verified, we were allowed through the locked door to the store.  The small room we entered was divided by the cash register.  On the left was the 'raw' stuff and on the right was the edibles.  The raw stuff, or whatever it is called, had a decent variety and had all the supplies you would need to use it, papers, bongs, etc.  They sell it by weight of course.  I was more intrigued by the edibles; they had everything from gummies to beer to lip balm.  The purchases must be placed in this fancy zipped plastic pouch that is child resistant.

The tax on the product is a large percentage, 28%!

After selections were purchased by my party, they realized they forgot to get a lighter.  I purchased there we have it, I purchased something in a pot shop.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

feeling like a genius

Sometimes I feel like a genius but really my accomplishment is so minimal.  Being proud of something you've never done or figured out on your own and with the help of Google is a great feeling.

Just last week I had one of these moments.  My organization didn't have a good email address.  Add that I hated that all the promotional email I was sending out had MY name on it.  No thank you! I spent time calling (40 minutes on hold before I hung up) and emailing our hosting company to ask how many email addresses we were allowed to have. I had to reset two passwords to access the site because I was clueless what the password was.  Unlimited??? And yet, we only used one?  I know I am a one-woman shop so as many emails as I make, they would still get filtered through me...but wouldn't it be nice to have events@____ or info@____ denise@_____?  I created 4 accounts to start.  Then I spent time in Outlook trying to figure out how to get these emails into my outlook where I can respond instead of going through a webmail system, which would be less convenient.  After I while, I figured it out.  A huge smile on my face.   It wasn't until today that I went back in and made one of those new emails my default email, but I felt so much better.   Finally, email addresses more representative of the company; a few generic email addresses for those times when you email 300 people and it isn't really from you and for our brochures and flyers.  Way better.  More professional.

After 20 years of the company doing it that one only took me 2 months to get around to fixing it.  I doubt any of the people I email will even notice the change of email senders.

It's these little accomplishments.  I did it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

beer on the slopes

My sister and her family came out to Colorado to go skiing at Winter Park.  Not being a skier, I didn't want to miss out on some of the activities they were having after looking at day #1's pictures, so the following day my sister and I snowshoed up to Snowasis; met our skiers, and sat on beach chairs in the snow, drinking a beer, and enjoying the 55 degree day.  It was so great....keep the beer in the snow to stay cold, roll up the sleeves to absorb the sun, and watching skiiers coming down a slope.  I haven't felt this relaxed in months!