Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I haven't been anyone's plus one since SI....oh wait, no, once I went to a wedding with a girl friend.  But that all changed this past weekend.  I joined a meetup group, was subsequently invited to another but the RSVPs were closed.  This guy called the event host and I became his plus one.

He picked me up before the meetup, we had lunch then went to the person's house for the event.  He returned me back home twelve and a half hours later.

My roommate said it was a date.  I didn't think so.   But then I was thinking about it.  He did open the car door for me multiple times, he did pay for lunch (I attempted to pay), and he informed me that another guy from the event would no doubt be contacting him to ask about my relationship status but that was about it.

The next morning I get a text saying "I am a bit aloof with dating because I have the cold sore virus, hsv1.  Some are okay with it and some aren't.  I accept all reasons someone doesn't want to date me.  I'm asymptomatic"

What?  Where did that come from? Was that intended for me?  Why would someone say that when 60-90% of the population has hsv1 - but more so because it came out of left field?

It took me two days to respond because I kept thinking about how to reply.  I kept typing and deleting.  Would I want to date this guy? I don't know.   He talks a lot.  A LOT.  Was it his normal or was it nerves?  Aside from that he seems OK in the vaguest sense...but I know nothing about him except for the two topics we've talked about.  Surely not enough to make a decision about dating.

My response, "Sorry for the delay getting back to you.  I have enjoyed chatting with you the last two meetups, but we've only really talked about event ideas and games.  I really don't know anything about you to know where my interest is."  Yes, kinda lame and not really an answer.  I guess if I wanted to date, it would be a yes.  Maybe I am a wuss and couldn't say no?  But on what grounds?  Like I said, he seemed OK.  Maybe a (real) date wouldn't be a bad idea.

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