Friday, May 20, 2011

My tea leaf reading

I've been to a few psychics - and I take what they say with a grain of salt - it is more a type of entertainment than me sitting there waiting for it all to happen.    I try to write down what they say and then I keep it in a 'safe' place and I look back months/years later and read what they said to see if any of it actually happened.  Sometimes they have been so right, other times they have been really off.   My first experience was with a tea leaf reader named Vickie who lived in the Bronx.  It was quite remarkable with how much she was able to tell me based on those little leaves: the nickname for my soon to be boyfriend (SI), that I would have two marriages (one nontraditional, one traditional), that I would have two children, that I would take some classes, etc.  Unfortunately I lost her number and didn't know her last name so I was never able to locate her again.

After that the next person I saw did tarot cards.  I saw her right after mine & SI's breakup when I was hoping to be reassured my life would be better. She wasn't bad - but I don't really think much of what she said ended up happening for me.  My mother on the other hand said she was dead-on.   Around this time I also went with a friend to some really old Spanish lady who read regular cards.  She was nice and told me I needed to do a cleanse of some sort to rid myself of the past and bring better things to me.  I never heard of the ingredients for this bath, so I didn't do it.

Next I had tarot cards read again a few months ago, I briefly blogged about that.  She wasn't great, I felt it was very general.  But do think she was right about wanting to see someone more than what I was able to.  HSK lived an hour away and I would have liked to see him a bit more...although she told me to be patient and that things would work out...which, clearly they did not.  I can't say I had to make a choice between anyone, unless she was referring to Bank Boy...which of course, he never had a shot. 

Which brings me to last night.  My mom's hairdresser told her about this bar in Yonkers right across from the Yonker's Raceway/Casino called Katie's Cottage that has a tea leaf reader on Tuesdays & Thursdays named Roisin (there are other ladies there on Monday & Wednesday) - reservations are required. For $50 you get the $40 reading and an entree.  When we sat we ordered our food and a cup of tea was brought out to us. 

my tea leaves before the cup was spun
Unfortunately it was not decaf, so the lady brought me over a cup to pour my tea into and told me I really should drink some of it; so I did.  When it was my turn, she brought me into a small room in the back.  The heat was cranking and I wished I brought a glass of water back there.  She inverted my mug onto a saucer and told me to spin it clockwise and think happy thoughts.   She peered inside and came straight to the point asking about the man in my which I replied...I don't have one; which of course she knew and asked why that was.  I could only say that people don't talk to me, and I don't know how to meet anyone.  Then she asked about my job and if we were moving- close..we are renovating the office and my office will be moving down the hall.  My 15 minute reading had these as major points:
  • I have fantastic health
  • I need to control my hormones
  • I will have a new job in Manhattan
  • 3 weeks into that job I will meet a man, I think I recognize him, but I don't (as in I never met him before).  A week after that he comes around and we start dating.
  • I will have a small winter wedding in Colorado or a place with mountains in the background.  It might not be winter, but the tops of the mountains have some snow on it.  Only 30-40 people are in attendance.  I am wearing a simple but elegant ivory or slightly pale pink dress.  Nothing over the top big, lacy, or what we now see so many people wearing on their weddings.  The music is classy
  • I am very fertile. She cautioned me a few times to use protection.
  • I will have two children; a boy and a girl.  They will be about 18 months apart and will be healthy. 
I am embarrassed to admit I started crying during my reading.  All I have ever wanted and is a major goal for me, is to find love.  To be loved.  Even though in the past these psychics or readers kept telling me that I'll be married or have has been almost FIVE years since SI & I broke up and I have not had one relationship since then.  I started to worry last year that if I chose to have children, that I would be a single mother...and too poor to really give my child/ren a decent life.  I was overcome with a type of joy thinking - it is still possible and I could not control my tears.  Additionally, I was shocked that I am quite fertile; as you know if you've been reading - I have feared for many years that I was not and chose a ob/gyn that specializes in infertility.  I have preformed the string test numerous times...and the results usually told me that I would have a boy pregnancy followed by a girl pregnancy - but these are pregnancies and not all pregnancies result in actual children - so I was happy to hear that the sting test is fairly accurate (although I will know for sure once I have children) and was not at all surprised when she told me about my two kids.

She didn't get into if I will like my next job, if I will be a stay at home mother, what my future husband will look like, if we will be financially 'secure' by my definition, or even the time frame for this to happen.  But if I had all the answers, then it wouldn't be any 'fun' to live life.   I just hope she is right.  I need for there to be some sort of happiness on my end soon since my patience is running out.

I got home around 10:30pm and didn't fall asleep until after 1am.  I am not sure if it was the little bit of caffeine I drank in the tea or thinking about my future husband; but something prevented me from sleeping.  I would recommend this place as a fun thing to do with friends or family...or even on your own. I will definitely go back.

Take 2:  My second time October 11, 2011 read about it here.

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  1. Did anything she say come true yet?