Thursday, July 29, 2010

The String Test

About two years ago a few girls got together for dinner. At this said dinner, we were introduced to the String Test. Yes, this is what old, single women do in their free time.

The string test is a test about pregnancies and is surprisingly accurate.

We threaded a needle and tied the thread/string. Make a C shape with one hand, with your thumb towards you and the opening of the C towards the floor. Place your hand out in front but close to you - about belly level.

With your other hand, hold the top of the string so the needle is down. 'bob' the needle 3 times through the C so the needle is below the C (non-sewers, this means to move the needle down through the C, bring back to above the C, and move it below the C again. Do this so the needle passes through the C hole 3 times).

After the third bob, lower needle so it is between the C (don't go all the way through it like before). Watch the needle move. It will go in circles or move back and forth. Remember what it does.

Lift the needle back above the C. Move the needle back into the C (not through it). Observe. Repeat this until the needle no longer moves.

If the needle made a circle, that means a girl. If it went back and forth, that indicates a boy. These are pregnancies, not children, please do keep that in mind.

If you don't have a needle, you can use a (wedding) ring. I even tried once with a paper clip and many claim a pencil can work too.

If you are currently pregnant, I do believe you just have to place the ring, needle above your belly and it will move.

After this dinner, and doing the experiment about 10 times each...I made a needle and had my sisters and mother do this over the weekend. It was dead on accurate. I then had a few friends try it, and it was also accurate.

My results: two pregnancies. a boy and a girl.

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  1. craziness! but i totally think boys and girls produce a different kind of energy, that is probably detectable on some sort of level.