Thursday, July 8, 2010


Are you like me? Do you find yourself constantly re-reading emails or doing things to torture yourself?

I am having a perfectly fine day. Work gets a little slow so I decide to re-read my emails from SI from 2 weeks ago about the forgiveness thing. I tear up again. I don't know why I do it. But I do. And it isn't just things to do with him, I do it with other people too, I have re-read the nasty email my neighbor sent me, emails from potential suitors, or the emails from SI's mistress (thank goodness not recently, but I refuse to delete them...just in case) and of course my responses I will re-read over & over again long after they are sent. I re-play in my head conversations that I wish I said other things. Maybe I try to find more subtle meanings or wish I responded differently, I don't know.

I over think a lot and I am now very cautious about a lot of things. It does interfere with not only my job, but my life. Sometimes I wish there was an easy way of turning that off.


  1. i completly agree. i am so bad with that stuff. it gets so bad that i normally re-think things i have said, days or even weeks later.. hell im still dwelling on things i've said from years ago. One of the reasons i just avoid social situations all together its easier for me.

    wish i could be someone else sometimes..

  2. Good gravy I'm the OverThinker Queen! Trust me. Texts mostly, but yes.

    Its honestly best to DELETE THEM.

    I know its hard, but it feels really good to let go. You know all that "forgiveness" stuff? Well you aren't really letting go if you're hanging onto the emails too.