Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How About We...

My friend just send me a link to this relatively new dating site called How About We that focuses on actual dates, not all that back and forth communications and maybe a date. HowAboutWe is new, so there are not a lot of users yet and the fee is much less than match or eharmony. I quickly checked it out and started to read through the proposed dates. They all start with "How about we..." and then you fill in what you want to do. Some are "How about we...catch a movie under the stars in Bryant Park" or "How about we...walk across the Brooklyn bridge then get dinner" essentially whatever you want to do - you tell everyone else and if you have that in common you perhaps meet to go on this date, at which time you learn about the person in real life.

What is great about this concept, is that it still brings people together but doing something more fun/social then chatting online for a month liking what you read and hating the person when you meet them. And best off, you don't like the person, at least you did something you enjoyed.

I am not sure if I am going to actually try this or not, but it seemed like a 'why didn't I think of that'.

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  1. I would NEVER do this. There are too many randoms that you could end up going out with. I enjoy the "getting to know you" period BEFORE you go out with someone. I mean, unless you preapprove of the person beforehand, you could get someone you REALLY dont to be around. Is there even a screening process?