30 goals for my 30's

I decided to come up with 30 things I would like to accomplish in my 30's.  I already have a bucket list, so I didn't want to just pull items from there, so this involved a lot of thinking.
  1. Date 2012, 2015
  2. Enter a new, real, loving relationship. 10/2015
  3. Fall hopelessly in love and get married
  4. Buy a car 2010, brand new: 2014
  5. Upgrade to a nicer place to live  2018
  6. Pay down my debt  (student loans, mortgage, credit card
  7. Save money...used $12,000+ on my move to Colorado in 2014, need to recoup that plus save more.
  8. Re-evaluate friendships.  End those that are toxic.
  9. Start a new job with a higher salary (one I can actually afford to live on my own comfortably) 4/2012
  10. Travel more
  11. Determine if having children (mine or adopted) is the right choice for me
  12. Become more social
  13. Do things that are out of my comfort zone
  14. Learn to accept and embrace that I am aging
  15. Make new friends that will hopefully carry through most of my life
  16. Become more secure in who I am
  17. Lessen my fear of bugs
  18. Become a better cook/baker
  19. Eat healthier
  20. Join more activities 2014-2015
  21. Write my will
  22. Get life insurance
  23. Lower my blood pressure
  24. Lower my cholesterol
  25. Stop biting/picking at my nails
  26. Upgrade my car used: 4/2013
  27. Feel like an adult
  28. Maintain my weight
  29. Get certified within my profession
  30. Smile more  2015