Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have bag...waiting to travel

Today has not been a productive day at work.  For some reason I am just not feeling 'working' today.  So I sit at my desk and think about my upcoming (work) trip to Chicago that has lots of free time for me! But then I started thinking...I want to go somewhere else, a vacation.  So I started looking into places to go and prices.  But then I face the same I really want to go somewhere alone?  Some trips are tours - which would be good.  I'd hope they set you up with a roommate instead of paying a single supplement.

But then I found some other great deals, one to Venice and Tuscany for a week included air and hotel and a rental car...the price was fantastic, but it was for 4 people.  How awesome would that be? It would be like what i see in the movies...2 couples or 4 friends taking a trip together.  I'd love it.   Similarly they had the same type of deal for Costa Rica but that was for only 2 people. 

Looking for a vacation went from exciting to dreadful because I do not have people to vacation with  :(  and it dawned on me I need more friends.  Well, actually that isn't a new revelation  - I have known that for a while.  I have a few good friends...but they are all married with kids...and they would not want to take a trip with me when they can do it with their own families.  I have road tripped twice with McGriddle Pants, which has always been fun - but she has a life too and other friends. 

Does anyone know of groups of 'NORMAL' people that go on vacations?  Oh, and the kicker is of course that I don't have several thousands of dollars to vacation many trips are automatically eliminated due to price.

Man? Where are you? I am ready to start vacationing with you!  New friend...are you out there?  My bags are packed and ready to go.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snooze time

I am an early bird.  Or at least I was.  I never had a problem rising, and I am not grouchy when I wake.  When I was living with SI at one point, we did keep our alarm clock on the other side of the room, so we would HAVE to get up to turn it off...but that was more for him than for me.  I rarely, if ever hit snooze.

Two weeks ago, I started setting my alarm clock just 30 minutes earlier to 5:30am.  I had hoped that rising thirty minutes earlier would allow me time to do my '17 minute workout' which is part of that diet I am attempted.  So in the last 10 days, I actually got up only 4 times.  The rest of the days, I hit snooze.  So, I am left wondering why?  Is it because I really am tired, that I have been going to bed too late (and by late I mean after 10pm, not in the wee hours of the morning)?  Is it because I just really hate exercising?  Is it because thirty minutes makes a big difference in rising time? Is it because I am starting to hate my job?  Or is it because it isn't really light outside yet? 

I never fall back in a deep sleep in those thirty minutes.  I just stay in bed with my eyes closed thinking of my dreams or staying warm.  I know I should just get up instead of giving myself the choice.  Since I don't really fall back to sleep, that time is now wasted.  Once 5:58 - 6:00 comes - I hop right out of bed, no problems.

Do you snooze?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My attempt to be a handywoman....failure

Yesterday I found out that my water hose to my ice maker in the freezer had a hole in it, and thus was leaking.  I did not have a puddle in my kitchen, so I had no idea for quite some time.  The water start backing up in my buildings hallway.  It didn't occur to me that the wet carpet outside my unit was something that was my problem.  I had my father came over to help me move the fridge and attempted to turn off the water from under my sink...but the water still continues to flow, and I must empty the bowl every 4-5 hours. 

Today I decided to run into Home Depot to get a replacement hose and connectors.  For the three items they guy picked out for me, it was only about $8.  It was simple enough to put the connectors on the plastic tubing...but I was not able to get the original hose off the back of the freezer.  I even used a wrench.  Didn't budge.  I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted to do this on my know as part of me being an owner of some sort of property.  I would have been impressed with myself, and I am sure my Dad would have been as well, as much as he would tell me I didn't have to do it on my own.  Unfortunately for me, my father is not available until probably Monday to fix it.  So until then, the fridge is in the middle of my tiny kitchen, the bowl is collecting water and I feel my space is in such disarray.

So aside from that nice guy I mentioned I needed - I will have to add to that list someone that is strong and somewhat handy.  I can do a lot by myself, but it is nice to have someone to do work - like my father.  Yeah, that is right, I guess I want a man just like my Dad, but you know...younger and not related to me!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Expiration Dates

First, welcome to some new followers! I was SO excited to see I had a few more.  Yippee!!

I am really inconsistent when it comes to things expired.  I will not take a medication that is more than a month expired.  I will not drink milk a day past the sell by date.  Mayo gets thrown in the garbage right away (but I also don't really like it). And food I cooked/left overs I will keep for a week before discarding.

But on Wednesday I was preparing my chicken for the week and I split it up.  Half the chicken I rubbed in Pampered Chef's buffalo rub and splashed some Red Hot on it with some hot Chili Sauce.  The other three pieces I decided to marinate in A1.  I forgot how much I LOVE A1.  I love it so much, that I bought the HUGE bottle from Costco, which is kinda crazy because I live alone AND I rarely make/eat meat.  I saw it in the fridge and looked at it...and it was expired in late 2009.  I thought about the date for 2 minutes, looked to see what else I could use and came up empty handed so I shook it up...marinated my chicken and baked it in the yummy brown sauce.  Then I put it back in the fridge. I didn't discard the nearly full bottle.  Today, right now, I am eating my chicken and it is good. 

So, if I don't post this weekend I probably died from expired A1 - but I think that highly unlikely.  Why is it somethings affect us differently, like expiration dates. I know it isn't 100% accurate, how can it be, it is a rough guess when something may no longer be good.  Way back in the day there wasn't expiration dates, I guess you just smelt it, the consistency changed, mold grew, or it just didn't work right that is when you knew to dispose of it.  

Are there any products you refuse to use past an expiration date...or that you use well past an expiration date? Please tell us!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch me a match!

Last July I blogged about match making and how it would be a great thing to try...but it is so expensive.  Guys are pre-screened, so I have a better chance of finding a guy that won't try to rape or kill me the first night I meet them and since you have to pay more money for this might meet people that actually want a relationship and the dates would be way better than something you just blog about the next day.

My local magazine does something like Groupon.  You know how addicted I am to that, a deal a day? What could be better?  Well, my magazine had one on Valentine's Day for a local match making service.  The deal was 40% off the registration fee then there is a monthly fee that remains the same.  Right away I started to look at the company website, but it was so non-professional and amateurish.  But I decided to buy it anyway.  Since they are new and probably don't have a huge selection of clients, the fees range from $100 - $500 per month (I am going with the $100) and you must commit to at least three months.  I figured at least someone will be helping me and it is WAY less than most other ones.

I will keep you all posted on what this experience is like.  But please cross your fingers or say a prayer for me that I will meet a guy that is: somewhat attractive, nice, supportive, interesting, educated, has brown hair, family goals, OK with me being a stay at home wife, loyal and doesn't have/want pets - oh and a decent size pecker and is a good kisser.

For those that are somewhat local to me (and there are a few of you lurkers out there) you can get in on the action too.  The website is

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 16 - Someone or something you definitely could live without

There are two people I could live without:  SI and his ex-mistress and whatever else she turned out to be.  But, the 'nice' person I am, I am not going to name names. I was thinking about posting a picture of her...but can I do that? I mean, sure technically I can....but can I? I don't know.

So, until I am ready to find out, I will have to pick something else I could live without and I am choosing acne.

I was around 13 or so when I started getting small pimples on my chest and back.  I didn't know if they were sweat pimples or what.  My parents would bring me to the dermatologist and they would give me some sort of cream.  Eventually the acne spread to my face and I would have lots of small bumps and then some regular pimples.  Sometimes the creams needed to be refrigerated - which never worked because I was lazy and hated going back downstairs after I washed my face, and some others that worked for a while.  When those didn't work anymore, my Mom bought proactive, but three steps? Seemed a bit much and after a while I gave up.

So most of high school I still had breakouts.  Right before my period, I would get a huge one.  I would look at other people and wish that I had clearer skin.  Somewhere along the lines, my face cleared up. Could have been when I started taking birth control pills, I don't really remember.  For a while I was just a pimple here or there.

My face looked fantastic, but I hated all the hair, so I started having laser hair treatments which I loved.  Looking and feeling great, I then  decided one day to go to a makeup counter and tried a new foundation.  I remember it was a holiday party and I was itching my face.  I didn't think much of it that night, but over the next few weeks my face went from really itchy to really broken out.  OK, so I deduced that the new foundation was a trigger, but apparently it was not just an allergic reaction.   My face got so horrible, if I thought that the puberty pimples were bad, I had no idea...and the worst part? I was like 22 and had a it was horrible and embarrassing.

My new dermatologist (not the one that did the laser treatments) put me on Accutane.  So for 5 1/2 months I underwent blood tests, restricted diets and so much medicine.  It was a really hard 5 months.  I went from a size 6 to a size 8, my triglyceride levels skyrocketed (a normal but bad side effect) but I started seeing a difference.  Once that cleared up, I started to only wash my face with Cetaphil soap once or twice a day. I went back to my original foundation that I trusted and things steadied out for a long time. 

However, even in my twenties and still in my thirties I still get pimples on my face and my chest.  No where near as bad as it once was, but still such a horrible thing to go through as a single adult.  I try not to wear foundation anymore and I use the Cetaphil still when I am in the shower, and other times when I remember I use 2 of the 3 steps of ProActive, but not on a regular basis since I don't want it to dry out my face.

I have always wanted to fix two things about body shape/weight and my complexion/acne. 

I haven't looked up long term side effects of Accutane, but I swear it is what has caused my body to be the way it is now.  My triglyceride levels did go back down...but never to normal, but always slightly above.  I was never able to loose that little bit of weight that I gained on the medicine - and in fact even went up to a size 10. 

So for those of you with fantastic skin...appreciate it because there are so many of us that don't.  Acne go away!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Mine

Agh, the dreaded Valentine's Day is upon us yet again.  For the single person, this holiday rates in the top worst three holidays of the year, perhaps as #1 for many. 

This will be year number 2 that I will not get flowers on this day.  Hmm, Denise, why is that if you have been single for 4+ years now - the math doesn't add up?  Well, let me tell you followers, that for 3 years after SI and I broke up, he still sent me flowers...because he 'loved me and we will be together soon' or something to that effect.  One year I actually threw them right into the garbage.  That psychological torture finally ended last year and it was the first year I did not get flowers.  At first I was a little saddened by it, but then I realized that it was a good thing.

Yesterday I was out buying lots of gifts for babies/friends/birthdays that when I stopped in the grocery store, I picked up these:
I love flowers. It was one of the things I loved getting for no reason.  So I decided this year I would not go without flowers on Valentine's day.  These happy flowers started cheering me up yesterday and this morning when I saw them sitting on my counter.  Every once in a while you need to do something for you.  So, I urge all those single ladies out there to buy a few flowers and brighten up your place. I guarantee they will make you smile. 

Remember to take a few moments today to tell yourself some of your amazing qualities and reasons why you love being you.  You don't need anyone else - and ONE day of love is not a true representative of the love you have the rest of the year.

OK - side note.  It is 8:40am and I got a text from Cop#4 wishing me a Happy Valentine's people do that?  I mean, we had ONE date.  Is it like Thanksgiving when people just go around telling that to everyone? 

For those of you in relationships or have kids...I hope you enjoy this holiday with your loved ones.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 15 - Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it

Aside from the necessitites (food, shelter, clothing) there are other things we think we need but don't.  When I think about selling items or buying things, I have been trying to be a lot better about will I use it alot?  Why do I want it?

Since I am broke, I don't have a home phone, just a cell phone.  It has been wonderful however, I loved the simplier life from before we had cell phones.  YES, when I was young, only the rich/business men had those kinds of phones.  Now, I feel like the cell phones are a nusiance.  People think they can talk anywhere.  People text while walking, driving or on dates, etc.  I lived with out them before, so I would say that I can live with out it again if I had to.

The Internet has been amazing, and while I wasn't exposed to it until high school - I don't wan to live without it even though we survived just fine before then.

So, that leaves me with my other hobby of watching TV.  I had a TIVO which I loved.  It was pretty awesome.  However, my problem was that the TIVO didnt work with my new high definition TV.  What to do?  For a few weeks I went with out it.  It was really hard.  I try to keep busy and I started to watch a lot of TV so I started to miss a lot of shows.  Cablevision has a DVR that is part of the cable box, so I am willing to pay an extra $10 a month for this recording service.  It is so worth it.  So I am going to go with having a DVR.

I know that sounds absoltely horrible, but when you don't have a lot of friends, don't have a boyfriend/husband and you worry you will be alone all your life, you know that the TV will be there, even if there is a lot of crap on it (and I only get basic right now).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 14 - A hero that has let you down

I keep staring at this day's question.  I have never really thought about my heroes but my heroes I guess would be the men/women that risk their lives for us in a variety of different professions.  But they haven't let me down yet.

My parents, aunts & uncles are hero like in that they taught me what I think of relationships and families.  They are still happily married - and haven't let me down.

So who has let me down?  Well, SI did.  But he wasn't a hero by any means.  Who else?  Well, some friends let me down over the last 28 years or so...but again they weren't my hero.

I guess my answer will have to be that this has not yet applied to me.  Perhaps when it does, I will write about it.  Sorry Folks.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Immediate Challenge: The Lovers

At my monthly potluck yesterday, we had a tarot card reader come in.  For $20 she read our cards in an open reading (not question based, but general).  My reading lasted all of 7 minutes.  It wasn't a great experience (I've had it done about 5 times) but the cards that showed up were quite good and many were major arcana. (long term energy, big events in life)

From How Stuff Works - Angel Paths

The first card (present) was the sun - the breakthrough card.  All that time of wondering what if...yes, it will come.

The second card (immediate challenge) was the lovers.  While this card is quite exciting for me at this point in my life, it does represent a dilemma, whether it be my choice between lovers or some other intimate relationship. Either way I will struggle with temptation and hope that my morals will bring me to the right place.  She said perhaps the choice between someone flashy or someone more modest.

The High Priestess was a card - I think in spot #3 so she related this to the an intuition, perhaps that I have morals that I live up to.

Having just looked up that picture from above, I wish I payed more attention to the card positions.  The next set is just what I remember.

She said my financials were in balance (I think not, but I guess I could be less fortunate. maybe balance = zero) but I dream of being wealthy - and it just might come.

That there is a high energy kid in my life I need to watch out for.

The Page of Swords - That there is something that I am trying to figure out, but I need to do more research on it. 
That in my relationship (I guess future one) I will struggle with wanting to see the person more than I can for a while.

My tenth card was the two of pentacles - which is about juggling, flexibility and having fun.
Trying to attain balance.

Well, this post ended up being lame since I don't remember much of my reading, granted it was only 7 minutes or so.  But we will see what happens. I am really looking forward to seeing if I find not only one guy...but two! And how to chose between them.  Also the money part is pretty great since I need some of that.

I am not going to sit here and wait for these things to happen, of course I am going to continue doing whatever it is I do.  And in a few months, when I re-read this or think back, I get to smile/laugh that some of it might have been accurate.  I am not taking it too seriously, it is just something fun.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


McGriddle Pants over at Serenity Now!! Insanity Later...gave me the LOL award because she loved that I got a hickey in my 30s.  McGriddle is a pretty awesome gal so be sure to check out her blog.

The rules of this award are to share seven new things and pass it to seven people.

  1. I bring my lunch to work with me 98% of the year
  2. I have a hard time with scents (perfumes/candles) but I do love vanilla and pumpkin
  3. I don't really like bananas
  4. I had braces
  5. I love getting flowers for no reason
  6. I love wine. I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon for red or Pinot Grigio if white...but I will drink anything in between
  7. I love Billy Joel and Rob Thomas (and the old Matchbox 20)
Now for the seven people I will give this award to:
  1. Shelly over at Shelly's Musings.  No doubt she will make you smile/laugh as much as she does to me.  One of my absolute favorite blogs.
  2. Marianne over at Diary of a Fickle White Woman.   One of the first blogs I started to follow.  Marianne has funny stories.  Lately they have been more serious, but we all go through times like that (especially me).
  3. Denise at Somewhat of a Spectacle. Some of her dating stories are great.
  4. Haley at No Pressure No Diamonds.  I am a new follower, but after reading one post, I was hooked.  I found her from Shelly (#1 above)  I don't think she has any idea about me...but whatever, I still think it is funny enough to send to you guys.
  5. Sarah at Oh, What the Crap.  Stories of the kids are great.
Hmm, I read more blogs. But those are my top five funny ones.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it 1994 again?

Monday night I had nothing planned - but as things just happen to work out, a friend (the boy who called me chill) was in NYC so we met up after work.  Having told a blog friend about the view restaurant/bar in the Marriott Marquis Times Square (a rotating rooftop restaurant), then I was at that same hotel for a conference two weeks ago.  So, I told this friend that we should go there.  We got there in perfect opening time.  We ordered a drink first, then a bottle of wine.  The full rotation took an hour, and we had just finished our bottle of wine so we left to get something to eat.  We ended up at a Thai restaurant that was good, and ordered another bottle of wine.  Friend was very drunk, I was buzzed.  No surprise I can hold my liquor!  It was already 10pm and I knew I didn't sleep well the night before and I had blind date #2 scheduled for Tuesday.  But things took a surprising turn and I ended up with this:

I haven't had one of these since 1994 when I was about 15.  I called in sick to work and had a bit more fun today.  The blind date cancelled, the boy who called me chill hung out a good part of the day and I dropped him off at the train around 2pm. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tipping my hat to Cinderella

While many of you went off to Superbowl parties or just stayed at home...I was cleaning an apartment to prep for a party and helping during the party.

Last week my Aunt asked if I wanted to help her and since I didn't really have much going on, a little side job sounded good.  We could all use a few extra pennies.  I was to be picked up at noon, we'd get there before 1, and then scrub scrub scrub, then wash up, then help with coats/food/drinks and garbage during the party.  Sounds easy enough?

Well, we get to this apartment. It has 10 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 huge living rooms...and then of course hallways, entry ways, etc.  I figured these rich people's place wouldn't be too hard to clean, but I was a little wrong.  Things were a bit run down.  I am sure 10 years or 20 years ago the place was beautiful, but now it was dated and cluttered.  I am not into cleaning, I barely clean my small 750 square foot apartment. I mean, don't get me wrong, my place isn't dirty, but it isn't immaculate.  I do clean and straighten up all the time, but that heavy duty cleaning...yeah, I haven't done that yet.

I am assigned the two kitchens and then in the two living rooms to vacuum all the furniture and floors.  This must be done in 4 hours.  I swear I have never worked so hard. I was sweating like you wouldn't believe. At one point I thought I was going to pass out.   On top of this heavy labor, they had four cats and I didn't stop sneezing which made me feel more run down.  While my sister was arm deep in bathroom gook, I just scrubbed the outside of the cabinets, outside of the appliances (both of which haven't been cleaned since Superbowl last year), the floor, etc.  My arms were shaking.  Next was vacuuming the cat hair...I almost puked in the vastness of it in one small area.  Seat cushions smelled like urine.  The apartment was musty because they NEVER open a window...they prohibit it.  And the clutter - amazing. I am glad I didn't have to clean the 8 shelves with all the super expenisive amall knick-knacks - I wish I took a picture.  But that clutter was everywhere.  There was just so much stuff. It really took away from the space of the apartment. I, myself, would never be able to live with so much crap laying around.  I think that it would stress me out more seeing that.

OK, so these rich people never learned how to clean up, I kinda get it. It is hard, since I wasn't raised like that - but I get that other people never picked up a paper towel or bowl before. 

The couple was really nice.  They told us what they wanted done and we did it.  They were prepping for the party at the beginning, but then they were done, while we still had at least 2 hours left.  I know if I was throwing a party, I would help get everything ready - just to be sure it would get done.   But you know what the lady did?  She was working on a Christmas puzzle!  And at one point, in one kitchen while I was prying off one years worth of a spill on the cabinet wall, she tells me to move the salt & pepper shaker to the other table.  I get that I am the help...but that is simply a matter of non-excursion on the way she was walking next.  Time was crunching!

So after we clean up, and I feel like I was going to fall asleep from exhaustion, we clean up.  She provides us with a football jersey of our choice from teams and we are ready for phase 2...the party.  I loved this part. Always have. I love working a party behind the scenes.  Have things ready, pass around food/beverages, pick up plates, cups, etc.  It doesn't really involve talking to other people, which is probably why I like it.  I can smile and just walk away.

When the game ended, the three of us are zipping really fast cleaning up.  We cleaned up 2 rooms during the last quarter, but the last scramble to get everything done before 11 was intense. Again, the sweat starts beading at my forehead.  I am sure I smelt.  I am in the kitchen again washing and drying dishes and the couple comes over to say goodnight and thanks me for my work...they are off to bed!  I seriously just couldn't believe it. 

The view from their huge apartment was amazing.  The work was hard.  I am excited about the little extra money I made...but was it worth it? I really don't know.  Would I do it again? I really hope not!  Today I got to work and figured out how much I was going to make.  12 hours (1 1/2 real work days for me) and the total....and it is a bit LESS than I make at my job per hour.  Can I actually say I was HAPPY going to my real job today?  Yes, a little bit!  It really put things in perspective. Yes, Yes, it is extra and I am happy...but I give a lot of credit to Cinderella and all the cleaning people out there.  That kind of work is no joke.  Cinderella might have been forced to do this kind of work by an evil stepmother, but we were both dreaming of finding a rich guy to not make us clean like that forever!  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Game Review: Scattegories & FITS

I was introduced to Scattegories back in middle or high school.  What a fun game, that always leads to small arguments. 

The game has supplies for 6 people.  Everyone gets a folder which has an answer pad and the category cards for the rounds.  One player rolls the 20 sided die and starts the timer. The goal is to come up with a word that starts with the letter for each of the 12 categories for that round in 3 minutes or less.   At the end of the three minutes, you compare your answers if someone else has it, you must cross it off. If it is original you get a point.

My family plays that you can get two points for an answer that uses that same letter twice like "Peter Pan".  Even though we have been playing this game together, my sisters & I, we still argue over what does / does not count. I am generally on the No side of their responses.  Can't use an adjective before like "Blue glitter".

I have the older version of the game, but apparently the categories have been updated, which is always nice. But many times you play this game, it changes based on the letter rolled or who you play with.

 Ravensburger FITS is a strange name for a game, I now just call it FITS.  I found this game in December and needed to buy it.  I loved, loved, loved tetris.  And this game is similar but you can play with up to four people.  Everyone gets the four levels of boards, and incline and the puzzle pieces (which are the same for everyone).  You start out by picking your starting card, and from there, everyone has to place the same piece on the board to leave the least amount of spaces (or in later rounds keep certain spaces open).  Unlike tetris, where you can slide a piece into an can not do that in this game, which makes it a tad bit more challenging.

It is fun to see how everyone arranges their board. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

I am a sheep

Chinese New Year was yesterday, so it seems appropriate to write a little something about the Chinese Horoscope.

Back in December my co-worker and I were looking into the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart, which led us to our Chinese Horoscope.  I am a Sheep (or lamb depending on the site).

I was not to surprised with how accurate some of the information is; they have been doing this for hundreds of years.  My only questions I guess is that growing up, most of my friends were in the same sign as me - but yet we were all so different.  I know that based on the astronomical signs, your persona changes too...but considering this is a blanket information for my year - it really fits me perfectly.

"Sheep simply want a bit of peace.  They enjoy carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way, content to be in the middle of it all rather than leading it.  Sheep are quiet and calm people. They enjoy cultural things and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies.  Sheep are easygoing and relaxed, happy to be going with the flow." [I have been told by a few people that they love how relaxed and easy going I am - and I don't even realize it most of the time]

"Sheep are nurturers.  They enjoy taking care of other people.  Their personalities are quiet, reserved and soothing." [yes, that is me to a T.]

"An Earth element gives the Sheep a grounded effect. Although he struggles with a lack of self-confidence, this Sheep is a very stable person.  They are independent and practical, leaning more towards conservancy than liberality. An Earth Sheep's family is his most important assets and he spends his life working hard to provide for his loved ones."

"Sheep truly enjoy being at home.  They spend their time there doing arts & crafts, cooking & knitting.  Sheep are most comfortable on their couches in the privacy of their homes, relaxed and tranquil." [Oh good, it isn't me just being lazy, I was born to like staying at home]

"As Sheep find safety in numbers, they also like to travel with other people.  Sheep enjoy guided tours of artistic places like museums, gardens or theaters.  They are also drawn to water and thus enjoy vacationing at the beach on on a cruise." [Absolutely, I love to travel, but finding someone to go with me is hard.  Sometimes I don't go anywhere just because I like to have company]

"Sheep make great hosts...They like throwing parties, but do not want to be in the spotlight the whole time.  They are sociable creatures, but they must really get to know you and the territory before engaging in any sort of committed situation....becoming a close friend of the Sheep is a taxing process and many do not have the patience to wait. Consequently, the Sheep has many acquaintances and few really good friends." [This couldn't be more true]
          Best Friends:  Rabbits and Pigs
          Mortal Enemy: Oxen

"Sheep are natural caregivers....They expect their children to use their manners and to be polite and respectful of others.  Sheep generally have long lasting, healthy relationships with their own parents.  They often settle down close to where they grew up or close to their own parents.  Often, Sheep move elderly parents into their own homes to care and nurture them back to health." [My parents always said I would be the one they chose to live with over my other sisters when the time came, and of course I agreed]

"Some parents immediately click with their children and others find they never will...[I worry about this often, so it was funny to see this on here.  Looking through the compatibility ratings, the following are when I should have a child] ***easy bonding   ****on the same wavelength
2011: Rabbit***
2012: Dragon***
2013: Snake***
2014: Horse****
2015: Sheep***
2018: Dog***
2019: Pig****

"Sheep do not like being alone.  They are very family oriented people.  If you do not like children or big families, Sheep are not right for you.  Sheep will give themselves entirely to the right person and will do everything they can to maintain a stable, loving, happy relationship. [I know this is true based on my last relationship]          

"Even though Sheep can be clingy and self deprecating, they are loving creatures who make great romantic partners.  They are compassionate and kind, genuine and affectionate.  A Sheep needs a partner who will be supportive and attentive and who help him develop his self-confidence.

Best Partners: *dispute  **keep working at it   ***intense sexual attraction  ****angelic
Rat:  Sometimes tough, but keep at it. *
Ox: may be physically attracted but that is it.  *
Tiger: both walk on too many eggshells to maintain a stable partnership **
Rabbit: mutual respect, understanding, points of view.  Heavenly match. ****
Dragon: Sexually attracted but not mentally or intellectually. ** [cop#1: wow, how accurate is that??!?!]
Snake: Great friends and even better lovers *** [SI: we were very compatible where it mattered]
Horse: Love at first sight becomes so much more  ****
Sheep: You understand each other perfectly ***
Monkey:  **
Rooster: A lot to overcome, may want to reconsider *
Dog: A tiring union *
Pig: make great companions ***

What is your chinese horoscope sign? Do you think it is accurate?
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plenty of what?

My blind date, cop#4 messages me the other day and asks if I'd like to have dinner with him.  My response, "dinner sounds good. Busy week, I am only free this Friday or any day next week except Wednesday".  To which he responds that he will get back to me regarding his schedule.  Now it is 3 days later, no response (not that I really care) and I started booking up my nights.

But I was sitting at home thinking, I am not remotely attracted to this guy, as nice as he might be.  Do I just start dating him because we were set up? no.  Do I keep seeing him hoping he will grow on me? Maybe, it has happened before.  But if I am going to start dating again...I had hoped it would bring me better suited men.  Granted, it has only been ONE date, but have you read about my last 2 years? Exactly.  So...if I am going to date a not-good looking guy with a really difficult schedule, why can't I find someone else? 

Against my previous statements that I gave up online dating because it hasn't really been a good fit for me - I decided on Tuesday night to sign up for  It is a free site, so it does worry me the people on there, but I figured, it can't be that much worse than being set up on a blind date with someone that isn't attractive.  AND my goal is to have at least a date a month AND it doesn't cost me anything.

I put up three pictures (all which are on this site somewhere) of me and wrote a very brief intro since guys don't like to read.  And I know this because of things from the past...but also in the last two days people will email me - and I am not prejudice when it comes to equality, but I want to date a white guy.  And, so many non-whites are messaging me.  People out of my age range, etc.  I got to the point where I am not even going to respond to those people, that is too much work. 

I did get one email - from the best looking guy to date - soliciting me for sex.  I know I told you I would like to start having sex somewhat regularly again...but I am really not the type of person to just meet someone for that purpose (which it also says in my profile).  But the guy & I email briefly yesterday, and it is kinda I'll keep it in the back on my mind.  He is only 26. 

Am I willing to meet up with anyone?  I don't know yet, but I will be sure to keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Denise versus Head Lice

I got a text yesterday from sister #2 that sister #1 needed help - her 3rd kid has lice.  She was not going to go over to help, but maybe I would be brave enough to do so?

As I am eating my dinner, I think about this.  I really really hate bugs. I am scared of how can I possibly help?  But, we are family, so I call her to ask if she needs OTHER help.  Dinner, laundry, I go over there.  Before I leave the house, I pull up my hair and wrap saran wrap over my head.  Then I apply a shower cap on top for extra measure.   I live in an apartment and I don't want people to think I am crazy, so I put my jacket hood over my head (no hats...since it could pull off the plastic). 

I arrive and am first asked to look through the Dad's hair, I applied a rubber glove and began my work...OK, that is easy it is short and I wasn't expecting to find anything.  Then I do help with Kid#1 thinking...he probably doesn't have it either - but really I just held the flashlight for my sister, which was really easy.

While my sister was re-looking through Kid#3's hair, she asked if I can do Kid#2...a girl with long hair.  So, I begin meticulously looking and applying step2's gel.  It takes a good 30+ minutes.  My sister informs me that my mom was going to stop over to help after dinner (it was already 8pm) - and I was shocked that she didn't trust me...although, how could I blame her, I don't like bugs/insects!  Next I looked through my sister's hair...she was fine, the only thing I found was her first gray hair.

Then I start helping with Kid #3.  Even after steps 1 &2 were completed...we were still finding live lice and eggs.  I have a fairly steady hand, so I took the tweezers and just plucked some hair out that was infected.

I also had this great idea.  Way back in the day, Kid #1 received a CSI kit with a microscope, so I had him find it and I put a lice in the glass plates and slid under the scope...ohhh all those biology classes from college starting to come back to me.  Unfortunately the microscope is very low quality and it was difficult to see - but we were able to see pieces at a time (like the head).  Every time I had it focused I showed a kid, who immediately started playing with the dials....which of course I told them they didn't need to touch, it was ready.  Even the Dad didn't follow directions!  Anyway, so I gave them a brief science lesson while we were at it.   Then back to finding lice. 

Now it is almost 10pm and I am tired...I just found two more live lice and 3 more egg sacks and suggested that my sister redo steps 1 & 2, then I headed out so I could get to sleep.

At home I unwrap the plastic off my head and fall into bed...and continue to itch my head and dream of lice all night.  Looking for lice was not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.  I was able to think that it was 'fun' to use the tweezers and see how accurate my hand/eye coordination was and try not to think that bugs are in his hair.