Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 15 - Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it

Aside from the necessitites (food, shelter, clothing) there are other things we think we need but don't.  When I think about selling items or buying things, I have been trying to be a lot better about will I use it alot?  Why do I want it?

Since I am broke, I don't have a home phone, just a cell phone.  It has been wonderful however, I loved the simplier life from before we had cell phones.  YES, when I was young, only the rich/business men had those kinds of phones.  Now, I feel like the cell phones are a nusiance.  People think they can talk anywhere.  People text while walking, driving or on dates, etc.  I lived with out them before, so I would say that I can live with out it again if I had to.

The Internet has been amazing, and while I wasn't exposed to it until high school - I don't wan to live without it even though we survived just fine before then.

So, that leaves me with my other hobby of watching TV.  I had a TIVO which I loved.  It was pretty awesome.  However, my problem was that the TIVO didnt work with my new high definition TV.  What to do?  For a few weeks I went with out it.  It was really hard.  I try to keep busy and I started to watch a lot of TV so I started to miss a lot of shows.  Cablevision has a DVR that is part of the cable box, so I am willing to pay an extra $10 a month for this recording service.  It is so worth it.  So I am going to go with having a DVR.

I know that sounds absoltely horrible, but when you don't have a lot of friends, don't have a boyfriend/husband and you worry you will be alone all your life, you know that the TV will be there, even if there is a lot of crap on it (and I only get basic right now).


  1. When I lived with my parents, they asked me if I'd miss the satellite. We had one, but it just seemed unnecessary. Then we got rid of it and I missed it. I've gone without cable/satellite for awhile now so it's not bad. But at first it was hard!

  2. The simple life or as some call it minimalist living, can be a good thing, and you get to know yourself.

    I have not had a land line for 7 yrs now, which worked well when I was travel nursing and had to move every 3 months.
    TV and the internet are a good way to pass the time for now, but things change quick and other things take there place.
    Things will work out.