Monday, August 31, 2015


Near the Denver Airport are sunflower farms/fields.  I went last year too late - and the sunflowers were dying.  This year we made plans to check it out....and it turned out to be a hazy day due to the fires from California.  It did not look this white...but everyone's pictures came out looking so fake/photo shopped.

But there is something quite magical about the photos anyway because the yellow color of the sunflowers pop out.

Maybe once this weather clears out, I'll have time to go back that way and have pretty blue skies in my sunflower photos.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

too soon to ask?

When I saw the guy I am talking to after my 2 week absence, I wasn't sure what to expect.  We texted a little bit when I was gone, and in his texts he seems a little cute.  Saying things like he looks forward to seeing me again, using a few of those picture things on the texts, etc.

We hug, we gave a peck on the lips and I get into his car for our drive into the city.

I ask him about his job hunt situation.  He is a consultant so it is very possible his next job will be in DC and will work two or three weeks at a time and then come back to Colorado for a week.  And back and forth.   At this point, he isn't sure, it is still up in the air, but if they offer it and he takes it will be towards the end of September.

He turns to me and says "would you come visit me in DC?".  I was silent.  Then I started laughing.  You know the uncomfortable loud laugh?  I reply, "we are on our 4th date.  That is a lot of pressure."

He responds, "if things go well, and we are still dating?".  I think about it and I say, "yes, of course".

But we haven't even kissed with tongue.  What are the chances in four weeks that we would be far enough at this pace?   We'll see.

I am not giving up just because he might be away a lot.  I like him enough to be intrigued/interested in seeing if this could go anywhere but I think I am going to go back on the website and answer other emails.

Monday, August 24, 2015

what are the chances?

After I lined up all those dates a few weeks ago, I was out of town for about 2 weeks.  I continued to text the one guy that I saw three times and we made plans to do a scavenger hunt around Denver.  The night before he asks if I'd like to go to a play and sure, who doesn't like plays?

As we drive down to the scavenger hunt he tells me that he had four tickets and that his roommate and their friend would be joining us late.  The afternoon passes and one our second trip into the city that day, I ask about his roommate and how they met.  They dated.   Yikes.  I knew there was an issue somewhere...I just wasn't expecting that.  In  a way I was looking forward to seeing what she looked like - were we similar? not?  What went wrong?

At dinner before the show, I figured we were on date 5, time for some bigger questions.  So I ask about his last relationship and how long it was.  And it was her, the roommate, and they dated for 2.5 years they broke up because he claimed there wasn't chemistry.  (does it take over 2 years to figure that out?)  He asked about my dating history and I kept it very brief saying I've only been in 2.5 relationships.  We talked a little about politics and apparently I am more conservative than he is (not a shocker for me) and just as conversations was getting good, we were interrupted by the roommate and friend.  I look up to say hello and I recognize her is one of the guys I went out with earlier that month (the third guy).

Seriously? What are the odds of that?  I barely know anyone here.

Guy #3 was still really easy to talk to, way more outgoing and friendly than my date.  But I am hoping that the guy I've been talking to will become less shy and open up soon....other wise I am not sure if there is a chance.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

quick stop to the Colorado Gator Reptile Park

Aside from the Sand Dunes in Alamosa, there isn't much to do.  The Colorado Gators Reptile Park was a fun spot.  After reading online reviews....I wasn't sure what to expect.  Some people loved it others were very judgmental about the facility and the cost.

I went with 2 other adults, a 9 year old and a baby.   We spent about 2 1/2 hours here because we really took our time.  The facility is a working farm and what they do is interesting so they allow people to come in...and they need admission money because it is a small business.

The first stop is meeting with an employee who gives a little history of the farm and then explains about some of its inhabitants.  He shows us a scorpion, and a few other things...and you have the opportunity to hold them.  I passed on the lizard and the scorpion, but when my nephew said no to the snake...I said yes.  What??? I've never held a snake before and thought it was time.  I was a little freaked out. If you asked if I would do that before the day, I'd probably have said no. But sometimes I am better at spur of the moment occasions.   And it wasn't that bad.  Thank goodness it barely moved when I held it.  It was a solid snake.  I made this goofy face just to make it because it seems scary, but it wasn't...I have one of me smiling too.

And then it was time...the $15 admission paid for itself when I had the opportunity to hold a small alligator.  We all did.  we were allowed to use our own cameras for the photos...but they take one with theirs and then you have the ability to buy a picture/CD/memory stick with the picture.  We had a rare coupon for $5 we got that too.

I didn't think to investigate the alligator wrestling class.  My brother in law would have done that...and you know, I may have been tempted as well.   But, you had to sign up at least one week in advance (which isn't bad!).  At the end of our day there, we saw the beginning of the class..there were a good 6-8 people in it catching a gator about the same size as the one I held.  They gradually move up from small to big.

We bought some gator chow, actually two of a lot of time was spent feeding the outdoor alligators.

I had a surprisingly good time at this place.  I learned a lot and was very impressed that it is a self-sustaining farm and that the alligators were originally brought in to eat the tilapia they were farming.

If you are in the area and looking for something to do...why not check it out.  Go in with an open mind.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fascinating tour of Sports Authority Field at Mile High

In the last two years I've gotten into football.  It is a little fall/winter obsession of mine now.  In fact, I even bought one ticket to the Broncos this season because who wouldn't want to see the Broncos play at home?  And this city is obsessed with football!

I thought the first time I'd see Sports Authority Field at Mile High was going to be the day of my game...but it turns out they give stadium tours.  My visiting family wanted to go and I said yes absolutely that is something I wanted to see too.  I've been a Broncos fan for about 3 years along with Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, but the Broncos had an edge over the other two...and that was before I moved here.

The tour was great.  I've never toured a stadium take that 'great' with a grain of salt.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable not only with his facts and speech but answering all the questions.  We had access to the executive suites, which were nice, I'd love to watch a game from there (I only was in a suite once to see the Mets play), the United Club area, where the big shots sit and provide feedback to the field (I was surprised this room was bare bones and they bring in all the equipment day of event), the media area, the visitor locker room, one of the keg rooms,  the field tunnel and of course seeing the field (can't go on it).  The tour was a little over 90 minutes.

I am so glad I went because I was able to see a lot more than I would have access to on a game day where all I'd see was the parking lot and my seat with the view of the field!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My first Rockies game

When my family was in town, I thought it would be great to see a baseball game.  They love it...I am indifferent about baseball and don't even have a favorite team, but I've wanted to check out Coors Field and see a Rockies game.

We were close to the mile high seats...but it offered a great view of the field and the mountains.  The game was a surprisingly good one, where the runs were close and there were a bunch of hits.   I didn't know that the Rockies have a bad reputation of being a poor team...they did really well the night we went and actually won the game.

I was very impressed by the stadium as well.  It was clean, open, a lot of personnel everywhere.  The large popcorn came with free refills which was helpful with my group of nine.  I had a beer, ordered from the guy walking around.  It was $10 but it was big...very reasonable price considering its a ball game.  Speaking of beer.  Fun Fact.  Did you know that Blue Moon was created at Coors Field?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

reentering the dating world

I decided to try this dating thing again after taking a few months off.  Since I was not meeting people inperson or through the few meetups I attended, I figured I should signup for the online dating site again.  I went with the one I did last time because it came out to be a smiggen cheaper and I already had a profile so it was less work.  

Being more proactive was a priority.  I needed to message men whose profiles I liked aside from just responding to first inquires.  Also, the last time I tried this if I went out with a guy and liked him enough to want to see him again/learn more about him, I didn't continue responding/meeting other people....a mistake.  

It started well.  A lot of interest, I couldn't keep up.  I narrowed it down to five guys to meet first.  Going against giving out my number prior to meeting, I gave out my number to this one guy before our first date.  He texted me a lot, called me a few times.  I didn't want to invest that much time takling to someone before I meet them...what was I thinking?   Anyway, he cancelled on me the morning of our date saying he had an emergency conference call that evening.  OK...but he didn't bother to reschedule nor did he ever text / call again.  No problem.  He wasn't my 'type' anyway.  

A few days later I met up with a guy with a full beard/mustache that was slightly tinted red.  I am not a red-head fan...but he seemed a little interesting.  He recently became a teacher and had hobbies I hope to maybe start enjoying.   We meet for drinks.  Since he picked the place and parking was a 2 hour limit...he limited our date to under 2 hours because he was a few minutes late.  Conversation was interesting and he was fairly easy to talk to.  I had a few concerns, but it wasn't anything big.  I wrap up the date telling him I was meeting a few other people over the next week, then going away so I'd be in touch towards the end of the month via online site; I didn't give him my number.

I run home, relax, freshen up and head out for my next date.  This guy is at the top of my age range...but there was something about his picture that I liked.  Of all five guys, this was the only one where I initiated the online conversation.  We met at a Mexican place.  I arrived early so I grabbed a high top near the bar.  I tend to only commit to drinks...I don't want to be tied into a meal with someone I might not like (I learned that in my 20s).  After 90 minutes we ordered dinner.  After a slow dinner, we walked around the complex.  After we walked around, he helped me find my car.  I gave him my phone number and we made plans to see each other in two days.  Our second date we car pooled into the city and went to this street thing - not a festival, more like a relaxing game filled street party?  We had lunch, went for a beer someplace else and just walked around.  We drove back to my car and I find saying goodbye in a car to be so awkward.  I lean in for a hug slash half missed kiss and just got out of the car. I think he had a huge smile on his face, but I was embarrassed by our awkward goodbye.  The following day we made plans for 3 days later to have an appetizer and see a movie.  3 dates with the same guy in 6 days....

In between date number 2 & 3 for the guy above, I met someone else.  He seemed very 'normal' in his pictures.  I arrived on time/early to the bar, grabbed a seat and waited.  He showed up a few minutes late and looked around and then had a seat in the reception area....really?   Strike one.  I go over and get him and bring him back.  He ordered an iced-tea because he was on call.   No problem, aside from that fact he drank like 10 and probably had a pound of sugar with it.  Just like with date #1, conversation was fairly easy...he talked so much and barely asked me anything.  I learned about him loving being an old child growing up because he was so spoiled, that his best friend encouraged him to film porn, about a road trip he took with an ex-girlfriend, that his favorite food is spaghetti but most importantly, at 41, his current age, he just got his first 'real' job, that he loves.  OK, so he tried to start his own business and that lasted about 5 years...but before that....we are talking PetSmart, Pizza Hut, etc.  He JUST moved into his own apartment to be closer to work, but lived with his mother for a long time.  Can I judge? I mean, I moved home to pay off my credit card debt.  And salaries are lower than most I get it...but...I don't know.  Seemed something was off.   I knew within 10 minutes I didn't want to see him again...but I allowed conversation to keep going for 90 minutes.  I tried a few times to wrap it up, but he was a talker!  I pay our tab.  At the end he was like 'I never know what to do at the end of a date'.  I know, it is complicated.  I responded "I'll be honest.  This week I had several dates lined up to meet people..."  where he interjected with "I am not surprised"   What does that mean??   anyway....I continue, "we should just wrap this up and that is it."  We walked out together and I felt like he wanted I say, 'have a great night.  Drive safe" and walk to my car.  

That night, I check my profile and my possible date #5 was not available to meet my only free day that week; family in town.  So I explained that I won't be around until the end of the month...and if he was free and still interested we can think about getting together in a few weeks.  

So, it was an interesting first re-attempt at dating.  I am glad I booked a few dates in a week...not only did it give me something to do, but I am continually learning how to talk on dates.  I don't go into first dates nervous anymore...but if it gets to date #3 I start to panic.  I mean...this is where it has the potential to see yourself possibly in a relationship with the person.  All that down the line thinking freaks me out.  I get so nervous about the first kiss.  getting naked. having sex.  not knowing how much to share when they ask questions to avoid not lying but not saying everything.  judgement...will they like the food I cook/bake for them?  Does he snore?  Is he messy?  Could he be a good father.  Am I too big for him?  Such thoughts start creeping in and I try so hard to push them away and just be in the moment and see where it takes you...but I over think and over analyze.