Monday, August 24, 2015

what are the chances?

After I lined up all those dates a few weeks ago, I was out of town for about 2 weeks.  I continued to text the one guy that I saw three times and we made plans to do a scavenger hunt around Denver.  The night before he asks if I'd like to go to a play and sure, who doesn't like plays?

As we drive down to the scavenger hunt he tells me that he had four tickets and that his roommate and their friend would be joining us late.  The afternoon passes and one our second trip into the city that day, I ask about his roommate and how they met.  They dated.   Yikes.  I knew there was an issue somewhere...I just wasn't expecting that.  In  a way I was looking forward to seeing what she looked like - were we similar? not?  What went wrong?

At dinner before the show, I figured we were on date 5, time for some bigger questions.  So I ask about his last relationship and how long it was.  And it was her, the roommate, and they dated for 2.5 years they broke up because he claimed there wasn't chemistry.  (does it take over 2 years to figure that out?)  He asked about my dating history and I kept it very brief saying I've only been in 2.5 relationships.  We talked a little about politics and apparently I am more conservative than he is (not a shocker for me) and just as conversations was getting good, we were interrupted by the roommate and friend.  I look up to say hello and I recognize her is one of the guys I went out with earlier that month (the third guy).

Seriously? What are the odds of that?  I barely know anyone here.

Guy #3 was still really easy to talk to, way more outgoing and friendly than my date.  But I am hoping that the guy I've been talking to will become less shy and open up soon....other wise I am not sure if there is a chance.

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