Monday, May 30, 2011

I can still party like it's 1999

I am shocking myself more and more these days.  HSKs friend Skater Boy invited me to his house for a beer pong tournament.  Actually, I was told about this a month or two ago, but since HSK and I aren't speaking - I didn't think I'd still be invited, but I was.  I was a little nervous about this since I haven't seen some of these people in 15 years.  So I decided to bake 10 dozen cookies, I made plans with some great people that live up in that direction for the afternoon - so I would HAVE to go to this party; no excuses. 

Before I leave, I had a voicemail and it was HSK telling me that he heard I was going and he was happy about that.  So, I get there and I have a beer and a sliver of a sandwich (the only food I ate there) right away.  There weren't many people there yet so it helped me remember people's name.  Skater Boy and I started 'warming up' with some practice beer pong with two others - we ended up playing I think 4 games.  On the last practice game, I was getting tipsy and very enthusiastic.  I kept running after the ball if it rolled (for a free throw behind the back) - but this time, I jumped on table, and my boobs broke the grate at the one end - and I sort of fell through a little and have quite a number of scratches on both of my arms.  I needed a break after that, and then tournament was going to start in about 30 minutes or so anyway.  During that time HSK and I had a small talk about whatever and it wasn't too awkward.  I was teamed up with someone, we'll just call him J who was good - I played him during the practice.  Unfortunately our first game went into overtime or whatever it was called, and we ended up loosing by one cup.  Our second game I was starting to really fall behind and didn't get many so we lost that and then I was able to actually talk to some of the kids I went to high school with.  For the most part, it was actually kind of nice to see some of them...they were the guys that I really enjoyed hanging out with in 9th/10th grade, and even seeing them again now I know why I was friends with them.  Another few beers - and my partner J and I start kissing a bunch but then he passes out (based on texts I got Monday -he is now 'infatuated with me' and 'loves how I kiss' which doesn't surprise me...I am a great kisser).  HSK, Skater Boy, me and this other girl then strip down and jump in a neighbor's pool, which was freezing.  HSK starts making out with tattooed fake blond not so attractive girl, it was  little hard to watch - but then Skater Boy came over and started kissing me (we dated for all of a week or two in high school).  Back at the house I downed a water, kissed Skater Boy a little more.  There is only about 10 of us left at about 5 am...OMG I was up for 24 hours!  Not only did I shock myself about jumping in a neighbors pool, but I was up so late, and I kissed 2 different guys, oh, and I talked with a lot of 'strangers'.  All things out of my comfort zone.  I go to use the bathroom and then decide I needed to lay down. HSK was sleeping on the couch and I go and join him and we snuggle for those few hours.  I barely slept with all his snoring and my belly that was like a tidal wave.  I wake him up with some caresses and then go at 'it' for 10 minutes or so and then go back to sleep.  It was a little 'thrilling' since there wasn't a door and someone could have walked past at anytime (and if it was Skater Boy I would have felt really bad). 
The rest of my day was a little hard.  At first I was queasy, I should have thrown up when I woke up, but I didn't.  My 85 minute drive home was LONG.  I had the windows down, music blasting and I was singing on the top of my lungs.

In 1999 I was 20, so I guess I can still party like it is 2000...since I was 'legal' then and I did have one crazy night where I kissed 3 guys in one night.  I am happy to know I still have it in me, I just need the right people to bring it out.  But no worries, this won't be a regular thing by any means, I don't have the stamina or the desire to drink that much or to be this sleep deprived.


  1. congrats on the craziness! I'm proud of you! can't wait to see you SUnday!!