Sunday, August 9, 2015

My first Rockies game

When my family was in town, I thought it would be great to see a baseball game.  They love it...I am indifferent about baseball and don't even have a favorite team, but I've wanted to check out Coors Field and see a Rockies game.

We were close to the mile high seats...but it offered a great view of the field and the mountains.  The game was a surprisingly good one, where the runs were close and there were a bunch of hits.   I didn't know that the Rockies have a bad reputation of being a poor team...they did really well the night we went and actually won the game.

I was very impressed by the stadium as well.  It was clean, open, a lot of personnel everywhere.  The large popcorn came with free refills which was helpful with my group of nine.  I had a beer, ordered from the guy walking around.  It was $10 but it was big...very reasonable price considering its a ball game.  Speaking of beer.  Fun Fact.  Did you know that Blue Moon was created at Coors Field?

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