Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My attempt at golf

I had the opportunity to play golf with two of my brother-in-laws and my uncle. I was surprised that the guys seemed to take such good care and pride in the golf course. I don't know what men are generally like at home, some might be slobs, others could be neat freaks; I assumed my brother-in-laws were some place in between. But on the golf course they were different men. They made sure they fixed all their divots and raked the sand if their ball landed in the sand pit.

The game of golf was fun. Three years ago I took a golf course at the local high school one night a week for eight weeks. After that I went to the driving range and didn't do well, so I didn't bother to ever play a round of golf before. Since we were on vacation, I decided to give it a try. The weather this day was pouring but then turned cloudy but HOT. The local place was not busy at all, so there was plenty of time for me to try to hit enough times with out holding many other people up, as I was generally double the par. I had a few really good swings, but most of my balls just went a few yards at a time. My final score was a 146 (although the guys told me that they generally issue a hole total no more than 2x par - but I went with my official score, which sometimes was as high as an 11!).

We rented a golf cart to make the time between holes go faster, but if you golf like me, you end up walking most of the course anyway (although, not with a full golf bag - so that helped!!). This was also my first time driving a golf cart. It was an exhausting 6 1/2 hours (yes, that is right, a LONG day because I slowed them down a lot)!

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