Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who you gonna call? A life coach.

As you all know, I've had a rough few weeks/years and so to help better myself I decided to speak to a life coach.

A life coach is someone who helps you focus on achieving goals. The coach helps bridge the gap from where you currently are to where you want to be. They help set a plan into place and follow up to ensure you are working towards your goals.
I used my life coach twice in the last 8 years or so, but called again since I am ready for a larger life adjustment. My life coach, Laura, is so wonderful and provides non-judgemental information. We spoke for three hours about so many aspects of my issues. This was the first time where I had areas I wanted to work on that crossed so many parts of my life, and not just one, so it will be more challenging (career, love, family, health).
Part of gaining a better control of my life, I am to do something just for me each day. While this seems like such a simple thing, it is something I don't do...and I don't even have my own family that I put before me. I guess after a while you just loose track of yourself and end up in a rut. As with anything, sometimes you need to be ready for it for it to work. I hope I am in fact ready. I am optimistic that this will work and I can help achieve that level of happiness that I want.
Laura's website -- Yes, she does phone meetings too!


  1. GOOD LUCK!!

    Remember to keep a positive attitude! :)

  2. That's fantastic! Good luck Lady!

  3. thats great! of course you can do it ;)