Monday, August 2, 2010

Rub a dub dub...what to do in the tub?

So many people take baths to relax. My mom being someone I saw do this as her 'therapy' over the years. After a long day, she'd soak in the tub, hoping to not be disturbed (which we always did because we didn't get the idea she needed her own time to relax).

So, in conjunction with attempting to do things for me...I thought I'd take a bubble bath. I make the water really warm/hot and add vanilla bubbles. I bring my book and slowly enter the super hot water. It does feel nice. I tell myself I will stay in until the water cools. I read a little of my book.

Five minutes later, I am getting antsy. I think to myself, this ALWAYS happens. I get so bored in the tub. The few other times, I have attempted to take a bath, as an adult, I find myself thinking of other things, not relaxing, and getting anxious about what I am supposed to do in the tub. Why can't I enjoy it? How long is 'normal' to spend relaxing?

Since I couldn't think of any good reason to stay in. I get out, while the water is still quite hot. Mission failed.

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  1. I am not at all a fan of baths either! I dont at all find it relaxing and end up with racing thoughts and more anxious than when i started. id rather relax with a book in a chair ;)