Thursday, August 26, 2010

suck, crack, chew, spit. repeat.

My nephew plays baseball and this year started to eat sunflower seeds. He shared some with me one day in the car. My first time eating them. I ask if I can eat the shell, he says yes. So we much away. Salty. Not bad. Then the second time we have them, we are in the car with my father. He said not to eat the shell (and FYI so does the package...who knew there were directions for eating?). So, the lady I am, I try to crack one and eat it and nicely take the shell out of my mouth. Not worth the effort in my opinion.

Fast forward a few months, and now my dad always seems to have sunflower seeds. It is the nastiest thing. I hate being in the car with him because he is constantly spitting them out of the window when he is driving. It DISGUSTS me to no end. Just as much as chewing tobacco.

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