Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

The Hammond Museum is a small museum which seams like the exhibits change somewhat regularly.  When we were there, we saw “Hyper Calligraphy” Kouhei Okamoto Line Works.

Just outside the back door, is a patio that leads to the Japanese Stroll Garden which is all about balance and harmony.  The designers used in and yo (similar to yin/yang) to represent aspects of life.  The garden objects tend to be arranged in odd number groupings and in shapes, like a triangle which represents the relationship between heaven, Earth, and mankind.  A square represents different viewpoints.

The garden itself was quite small, easily walked through in under 30 minutes.  As you walk in you see a pond in front of you and to the right a Zen Garden.  There are rakes that you can use to rake the sand.

There is a Bamboo Grove that stirs with the breeze. 

The pond has a lot of lily pads and is filled with fish, turtles and frogs.  We spent the most amount of time around the pond looking at all the frogs and admiring the lily pads.
We worked our way past the pond and towards the Maple and Evergreen trees.  There was small section of vertical stones which represent the Buddhist Saints. 
There is a cafe that serves lunch from 12 - 3pm Wednesday - Sunday.  We did not eat here.

All in all, this did not live up to what I had hoped, I was a little disappointed, but at the same time, I experienced something new, and what is wrong with that?

For more information:
Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden
Deveau Road
North Salem, NY 10560
$5 adults

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