Saturday, August 21, 2010

I ruined a library book

I read a lot. I order my books online and pick them up from the library. Usually I am carrying 3-5 books out at a time. Add that to the ones I already have, and reading them all is a slim possibility. Recently I picked up a few books and left one in my bathroom which I never opened. The next day, I went into the bathroom to find out that my sink was dripping all night and I had a HUGE leak/overflow that saturated the book. The cover came off. The book took days to dry, and the pages got all wrinkly. I put the book under other heavy books I had, hoping they would flatten.

They didn't. So, today, I go to the library to drop off the other books and tell them I had ruined the book and need to replace it. $21.99 for

I didn't give it back to the library clerk, I figured, if I was paying to replace it, I was keeping the book! And I was OK paying for it since 1) I am the libraries best customer (I think) 2) even though I am always paying late fees, they are like 10 - 30 cents... and 3) I can even take out a movie for a whole week saving me lots of money. So $22 for everything I have taken out over the last 2 years since I lived in this town is well worth it.

I look forward to reading this book at a very leisurely rate.


  1. Oopsie! Oh well. Enjoy the book.

  2. Good for you! I'm enjoying this book. Although its not really a "reader" but one you should keep and write in and highlight!! :)