Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ramblings of work Sh*t

I get a lot of calls at my job and those people are starting to piss me off. I am utterly shocked at what people think is ok. How they believe we should bend the rules just for them. They will argue with me until hell freezes over and never think to blame themselves.

example 1. Someone failed an examination. They will call to complain about this. They will think of EVERY excuse under the book to try to get a free re-test or ask us to give them a point. HAHAHA. We will NEVER just hand out points so you can pass, and very rarely will we offer a free re-test unless the computer broke mid-exam. Hey moron, you might have failed the exam by one point...but you still missed 65 questions! Did it occur to you to actually STUDY?

example 2. They don't have the proper documentation for recertifying and expect that we can let one slide. I mean, what is 5 contact hours in the grand scheme of it all? Not enough 'proper' credits = denied.

example 3. They are now retired and not working, they want to recertify. But it clearly states, must be currently employed. Can't we just make one exception??

example 4. They moved and never notified us and their certification expired last year. Can't they still renew it, they don't want to take the hard exam over again? Why didn't we notify them. *It is their responsibility to notify us of change of address. And NO, it is their problem. Why should something this simple be a 20 minute phone conversation???

I might come across as a bitch, and I do think I am starting to become one, but I, myself, would never in a million years think to call a company and ask them to make an exception just for me, when all over their website and in their literature are the policies. Polices are there for a reason. Why do you think you are above and better than everyone else??? YOU ARE NOT. And I WILL make sure that you know it. I can argue right back (I would make an awesome lawyer, I've been told that since middle school) and these days, while I am not the happiest person, I do. I am waiting for the day when I receive my first 'complaint' letter. But people know better, can they really complain about the bitch they talked to on the phone because the information she gave was FACTS and POLICIES and because she didn't grant your request? Just because they don't like what I have to say doesn't mean they are right. Come to think of it, it doesn't make me a bitch, it makes me a GOOD employee.

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  1. People like that drive me bonkers. I get pleasure out of telling them no. Passive aggressive? Possibly. Do they need to hear it once in awhile? Definitely.