Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lasdon Park & Arboretum

I visited Lasdon Park and Arboretum in Somers.  This park is 234 acres and is a FREE park with a large two tier parking lot.

When I first arrived I found a board with trails, but quickly realized the trails were the kind that required sneakers and pants, so I will have to venture that way another time.  But I did go a short walk on a paved trail, the Trail of  Honor that had sculptures that represented each war the United States has been in. I took a moment at each and appreciated the men and women that participated to give us our freedom.  The trail also has a Korean War Memorial, Westchester Vietnam Memorial and the Merchant Marine Memorial.   

After the Honor Trail, I went through the main gates for the Arboretum (a collection of trees), and was welcomed by quite a beautiful garden with a fountain.  The garden had several benches around where I stopped and appreciated the quiet and beauty of the area.

I then began my journey walking on more paved trails that took me through many varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers. 

A trail diverted a bit through a more wooded area which lead to a lake and the Chinese Friendship Pavilion, which was a gift from China to the citizens of Westchester.  The pavilion was in an isolated area and was a peaceful area. 

On my way back, I walked through the Lilac Garden and was amazed at how many species were there.  However, since I went in the summer, they were not in bloom and quickly decided I would go back in the spring to see the magnificent beauty that the lilacs would provide.

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Lasdon and will definitely go back. 

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