Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 100 Post

My 100th post. Wow. It seems like a lot, but it isn't at all. It seems like just a few days ago I started blogging I was off to a slow start but then jumped in full force. I had hoped that the more I blogged, the more followers I would get, but that number hasn't increased in months :( not a big deal, I know a few people read it that don't follow. I guess my blog isn't what they are looking for, and I hold no judgements on that - since everyone likes different things, and I am blogging for me more than anyone else.

My 100th post also happens to coincidentally fall on my birthday. I had a feeling at the end of last week that it might when I realized I was up in the high 90s. So, I guess this post will be a little about my first 30th year. I have a page of 30 goals for my 30s. If you haven't checked out my other pages, give it a shot. I will say that I do NOT have 30 things listed yet, but nonetheless, some are not easy to accomplish.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started to see a life coach. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was already working towards my goals. With my birthday lurking around the corner, at my meeting last week with Laura, we discussed that being with her is the stepping stone to achieving some of my goals. The goals I am working are the redish ones below. I think those need to be achieved before I can move onto other areas of self improvement.
  1. Enter a new real, loving relationship. Fall hopelessly in love and get married
  2. Buy a car
  3. Upgrade to a nicer place to live
  4. Pay down my debt (student loans, mortgage, credit card)
  5. Re-evaluate friendships. End those that are toxic.
  6. Start a new job with a higher salary (one I can actually afford to live on my own)
  7. Travel more
  8. Determine if having children (mine or adopted) is the right choice for me
  9. Become more social
  10. Do things that are out of my comfort zone
  11. Learn to accept and embrace that I am aging
  12. Make new friends that will hopefully carry through most of my life
  13. Become more secure in who I am
  14. Lessen my fear of bugs
  15. Become a better cook/baker

So I have at least begun my work, and I have 9 more years to do it.

I also have a page of my 'bucket list' and so for my birthday, I am taking a private intro class for Tae Kwon Do to see if I will like it. I have wanted to try this for years, but money is an issue, why do things need to be so expensive? Anyway, my parents were generous enough to give me a few lessons as a birthday gift :) I will blog more about that once I've had a 'real' class.


  1. You are well on your way!! My wish for your birthday is that you are able to (even if for just one day) see yourself how the rest of us see you as a strong, kind, wonderful woman!! Happy Birthday! I hope your 30s will be your best years yet!! ....and i have a feeling they will!

  2. 100 posts- CONGRATS!!

    And a very, very Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a wonderful day! It's Melissa's at birthday, too!

    Be sure to keep us posted on your progression with your goals, so far you're doing great!

  3. Congrats on the 100th post! Happy Birthday! And good luck with the "bucket list." I think you can do it.

  4. Congratulations!

    Good luck on your goals! You can do it!! (please dear god, don't read that like Rob Schnieder)