Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: 39dollarglasses

I saw on one day a special for glasses. Something like $7. I knew there had to be a catch. The frames were $7 (normally 9) but then you had to select which grade plastic lens you wanted, which ranged from $29 - $59 or something. I thought about it. I uploaded a picture of me and 'tried on' a few pairs. I couldn't decide. I didn't purchase anything.

Then I was on my insurance companies website (United) and I saw that at 39Dollarglasses you can receive a $15 off coupon code. So I started browsing again. This site didn't allow me to upload a picture of me to try on glasses, but they did have pictures of men and women with six different head shapes that you can see what it would look like. I narrowed it down to 4 pairs, then two, then flipped a coin. The glasses I ended up selecting were actually $59 (they did have $39 pairs). Only $4.95 shipping. Glasses under $50! I was excited. I proceed to checkout...and there is an option for anti-glare. $24ish. I had no idea if I needed to spend this extra money on 'backup' glasses. Since most of the time I wear my contacts, and I have a pair of glasses, I thought about this for 3 days. Finally I decided...YES anti-glare is probably a good thing. It helps at night (and my night vision is horrible), with computer screens, in pictures. I have no idea if my current glasses have anti-glare - they are 7 years old.

So, what started as a bargain hunt for something I don't even NEED, I ended up 'wasting' money I don't have on glasses. The glasses arrived super quick. They look beautiful. I try them on...they are a little big. I was able to print out a picture of the glasses, but having the 'real' version made a big difference than a paper one. I think I look funny in them...but maybe like everything, it just takes some getting used to. I looked on the website to see what they look like on those 6 female models, and theirs do seem to fit a little nicer. But, whatever, they are 'back up' which I know will get some use. And they are cheaper than buying from my eye doctor's office. I think my original glasses were around $250-3o0.
I would definitely consider ordering another pair of glasses from this website.

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  1. Good to know. My insurance lets me get a pair a year, but I just never find anything I like. I usually keep my frames until I need a new prescription. Luckily though, my eyes aren't horrible. I don't wear my glasses unless I drive.