Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm not a badge bunny

Doofy once called me a 'badge bunny' that is a girl who likes to date cops. This isn't necessarily true.

OK, so there is Cop#1 - which I refer to in this blog, and has in the last two years changed nicknames to cop#1 when he re-entered my life. I met cop#1 in college, we had the same class together. I noticed him that very first day and made a point to sit near him when I could. I then would ask to borrow a pencil...which eventually led to talking and then a date. He was exactly the kind of guy that I think is sexy/good looking. We dated for 9 months or so, and then unofficially dated for another 2 years.

Cop #2 was someone I met at a bar many many years ago. It was after I cut the ties with Cop#1 and was newly single. Of course at the time of the meeting, I had no idea that was his profession. We started chatting, and while he wasn't really my kind of guy, we had the connection, as it turned out, that we went to the same high school and knew some of the same people. We sorta dated for about 2-3 months. Dating is a loose term, he was in the NYPD academy so he actually would just sleep at my place. I don't remember too many 'dates'. I haven't spoken to him since it ended.

Cop#3 (doofy) I have known for many many years, actually while I dated Cop#1 10 years ago. We were friends in the sense that we saw each other out at the local bar, knew some of the same people, were connected through the firehouse, etc. I never imagined he'd be anything more than a friend - and even that was a loose term. You have read enough about him to know we had zero chemistry and are polar opposites. What it comes down to is women like attention. And if no one else is giving them any, they will take it where ever it is, even when your head is saying 'you know better than that'. Whatever, it was fun at times.

I don't consider myself a badge bunny since when I met 2 of the 3 of them, they were not yet police officers. Don't get me wrong, I find cops to be sexy - in the sense they wear a uniform, have power, broad shoulders, and could be tough. There are a LOT of not-sexy police officers...which I would never consider. If I wanted to marry a police officer only, I know of a few cop bars...which I do not go to. It isn't like I am chasing them down or throw myself at them. It just happens to be a profession that the type of guy I like does.

Just as there are professions I stay away from - sales representatives for example. The reason for this is simple - sales people will tell you anything to make a sale. They are always 'on'. They have the personality that is outgoing and friendly (which I love) but I find they can be dishonest. Sure, this is a huge generalization - but I can not do it. I've been out with a few to know that isn't the type of guy that I like. I do not trust them.

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