Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaking up with Bank Boy

Can you break up with someone you aren't even dating?

Last night BankBoy instant messages me. this is the first time he has made contact in 2 weeks after I told him I was going to block him because of all the harassing messages.

So, of course he asks when we are going to hook up again...I say we are not. He says, I don't want a relationship. Me - I know that, but I do, and not with you. How can I meet my husband if I am messing around? blah blah blah -this continues for like 15 minutes. Then he proceeds to tell me I am 'full of myself'. I ask if he is serious, because the last thing I am is full of myself, I am actually quite insecure these days. So then we are practically yelling/fighting/arguing over IM. I finally say "look, I don't care what you think of me. I am not going to argue about this. If I am so 'full of myself' you shouldn't even want to talk to me anyway." A few more words were exchanged, and then I abruptly log off.

Maybe now he is mad enough not to harass me. And since when did it get so complicated telling someone you don't want to pursue anything? Were his reactions to me not wanting to sleep with him normal? And why should I be questioned so much about WHY NOT?


  1. Okay, just from reading these posts, this guy sounds like a such a creep. How annoying.

  2. tell him you're filing a restraining order... that ought to get the point across ;)

    he sounds like a total loser. tell him if he needs to get laid that badly, that often, there are women on just about every corner that would be happy to satisfy his needs.

  3. He's really insecure if he keeps messaging you after you CLEARLY don't want to hang out with him.

    I would NEVER respond again.

    I had an issue like this with a guy in Queen. Good gravy! I told him to NEVER call me again and DELETE my number. He STILL texts me randomly 2 years later ever after I told him I moved back to Oregon, and have a boyfriend, and hate him.

    Men are just dumb sometimes.

    Block. Block. Delete. Block. You've explained yourself, there's only so much you can say.