Friday, April 17, 2015

first time in a pot shop

So many people assumed when I moved to Colorado that I either love to ski or came for the marijuana.  But it is neither.  I am not a fan of skiing and don't have a desire to try it unless my future husband insists and I've never tried marijuana before.  Recently I've thought about maybe trying it...but what it comes down to is money.  Why start something now?  I'd probably like it...and where would all that money come from to purchase it?  Better not to start at this point.

But just because I don't use it, doesn't mean I am not curious about the pot shops.  I knew that the red stores were medicinal and the green were recreational, but other than that...I had no clue.  I had the opportunity recently to go into one and I jumped on the chance.

When we first entered they checked our IDs and once verified, we were allowed through the locked door to the store.  The small room we entered was divided by the cash register.  On the left was the 'raw' stuff and on the right was the edibles.  The raw stuff, or whatever it is called, had a decent variety and had all the supplies you would need to use it, papers, bongs, etc.  They sell it by weight of course.  I was more intrigued by the edibles; they had everything from gummies to beer to lip balm.  The purchases must be placed in this fancy zipped plastic pouch that is child resistant.

The tax on the product is a large percentage, 28%!

After selections were purchased by my party, they realized they forgot to get a lighter.  I purchased there we have it, I purchased something in a pot shop.  

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