Wednesday, April 15, 2015

feeling like a genius

Sometimes I feel like a genius but really my accomplishment is so minimal.  Being proud of something you've never done or figured out on your own and with the help of Google is a great feeling.

Just last week I had one of these moments.  My organization didn't have a good email address.  Add that I hated that all the promotional email I was sending out had MY name on it.  No thank you! I spent time calling (40 minutes on hold before I hung up) and emailing our hosting company to ask how many email addresses we were allowed to have. I had to reset two passwords to access the site because I was clueless what the password was.  Unlimited??? And yet, we only used one?  I know I am a one-woman shop so as many emails as I make, they would still get filtered through me...but wouldn't it be nice to have events@____ or info@____ denise@_____?  I created 4 accounts to start.  Then I spent time in Outlook trying to figure out how to get these emails into my outlook where I can respond instead of going through a webmail system, which would be less convenient.  After I while, I figured it out.  A huge smile on my face.   It wasn't until today that I went back in and made one of those new emails my default email, but I felt so much better.   Finally, email addresses more representative of the company; a few generic email addresses for those times when you email 300 people and it isn't really from you and for our brochures and flyers.  Way better.  More professional.

After 20 years of the company doing it that one only took me 2 months to get around to fixing it.  I doubt any of the people I email will even notice the change of email senders.

It's these little accomplishments.  I did it.

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