Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Thing I Do Every Day

One thing I do everyday is make my bed.  While in elementary school, my parents instilled in us that we had to clean our room and put away our clothes.  After a while making the bed became a habit.

These days, my routine is that I wake, then I shower and then I make the bed...just to give my sheets time to air out.  If I don't do it after getting out of the shower, I can't function...I think about the mess.  Days where I unmake my bed to wash sheets...I usually put on a the second set....but sometimes I feel like a certain color. I have blue and brown.  So when I want to use the same sheets, those 2 hours I try not to go into the bedroom to see the comforter and blanket on the floor.  While I am happy about the mattress pad airing is like watching the clock until my bedroom will be back to normal.

My bed  is layered like this:  mattress, mattress pad, bed bug pad, heat absorbing pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, cotton blanket, heavier blanket (in winter), comforter.  I have a king size bed and the bed frame is a nice dark wood, so I have to tuck most of the sheets and blankets in so you can see the side/foot board.  I say 'you' but the truth is, very few people ever go into my bedroom.  So why all the fuss to make it neat?  Especially when the other things on the shelves are a mess!  But for me I think it comes down to a sense of peace - the bed takes up a huge chunk of the room, and I need to be able to look in there and see it made up and clean.

One other great thing about making my bed is that I hope it eliminates/reduces the possibility of bugs getting in there.  I guess for a while I lived in a basement apartment that was infested with spiders and centipedes and I have no doubt that I've slept with bugs and have been bitten at night.  A horrible thing for someone so scared of insects!  

Mornings I'd wake up in someone else's bed...I make that one too.  I'd feel guilty if I left it all a mess.  

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