Thursday, June 20, 2013

all better

I am feeling a lot better.  The 'stress' of my worries isn't as strong as it was for the last week or two.  I am also questioning my lack of period for being even more emotional than I should's like my body is building up all this emotion and without my period, it is having a hard time releasing it...and then it does and my head is more clear.

A bit of that 'stress' had to do with relationships - friends, men, coworkers, family, etc.  I read my June monthly astrology predictions and it said:

When Jupiter leaves your friendship sector and moves into Cancer on June 25, 2013, you will begin your yearlong preparation for the day Jupiter will enter Leo, July 16, 2014. That moment next year will herald one of the very best years of your life and even better than the one that spanned July 2001-July 2002 when this planet of good fortune last came to Leo. Because Jupiter can only visit Leo every twelve years, this coming visit will be worth all the preparation you can muster. For now, you will begin a process of elimination, clearing out outworn parts of your life. Let go of obligations you no longer feel are worthy of your time, and relationships that have run their course, whether in business or friendship, or regarding a person you've been dating. Add new goals that reflect your evolving maturity, too. You are starting a wonderful new chapter of life, dear Leo.  (from Susan Miller)

What perfect timing...or fate!  So, yes, I know I need to work on eliminating outworn parts of my life.  The disappearance of ManFriend will open me up to meeting my fh and making me happy.  Reducing the friends that aren't there for me, will make me less stressed.

I like to think these past two weeks made me more aware and reinforced things I knew, but put on the back burner.  I have some goals that my life coach suggested that I plan on working on - which only reinforces my maturity.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life.  This is the one I've been patiently waiting for for seven is time.  I will be happy.

And FYI - the last time Jupiter was in Leo, I met SI.  So maybe this coming year is when I'll meet the next person I love (well, i hope it isn't July 2014, I want it to be in 2013).

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