Sunday, June 16, 2013

upgrading camera thoughts

With my upcoming trips, I was thinking about upgrading my camera so my pictures would look a little nicer. I have one of those Cannon Powershot point and shoot cameras.  It is small and convenient and it works good enough, but I want more for these trips.

I started researching something in the $300 range but was disappointed in what is available and their reviews.  So I went a little higher and found some entry level SLR cameras.  Do I need something so fancy?  No, but I am seriously considering purchasing an SLR camera now after reading reviews and seeing pictures.  It would be a lot more money than I wanted to spend (so much for saving and not spending!)

I don't think it would be a wasteful purchase.  I enjoy taking pictures and I still scrapbook, although I need to go places to do it more often.  Cameras should last a few years so while I might be making a large purchase, over time I won't be so bad...unless I really get into it and need all those accessories.

I've narrowed it down to four cameras.  I've spent a lot of time researching reviews and prices.  My biggest question now is - does it matter where I get it from? You have the usual places - the camera manufacture website and a camera store.  Then you have places like BestBuy and Walmart.  Add to that the wholesale distributors like Costco, BJs and Sam's Club.  And now the cheaper websites like Overstock and Amazon.   So many choices.  For the most part the prices are close enough...except for Amazon.  I could get a really great deal with extras - but what is the catch?  Will the camera die sooner?  Will it be the manufacturers defect? or will it be perfect?

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