Monday, June 3, 2013

First outing with the kayaks

My sister came over yesterday to help figure out how to attach the kayaks to the roof (the directions
were barely helpful).  The Big Stack Carrier by Yakima was the one I purchased, I can fit up to four on my car...but I only plan on carrying two for now.  It took about 30 minutes, but we figured it out.  We tied it over the kayak and to the crossbars.  Then we strapped the kayaks to the front/back of the car for even extra support, and I was very surprised how stable it seemed (I shouldn't have been, I mean, that IS it's purpose after all).  But it didn't stop me from "testing" out driving with it.  I started going really slow...made a few turns very slowly just to get a feel and once I knew they weren't going to fall off (not that I really thought that, but you have to make sure when something is so new) I went a little faster - but it was local so I didn't get above 40 yet - when I bring them somewhere that requires highway driving I'll see how it holds up, but other reviewers said they were comfortable at 70 MPH.

We made it to the water and took everything off (easy part) and carried the kayaks to the boat ramp.  We kayaked for about 60 minutes as she had other plans to get ready for and it was our first time and we didn't want to over do it.  It was so relaxing, and I made sure we took a moment to just stop and enjoy the view, the air and the experience.  To relax and clear our heads.  When we got back to the car, it only took 15 minutes to secure the kayaks to the roof and get everything in the car and start the engine.  I knew the first time would take the longest and it would get easier after I've done it a few times.    

Even with the experience of having a helping hand today - I know I can't raise the kayak onto the roof alone at this point - maybe at the end of the summer when I develop arm muscles from all the paddling.  So I'll probably keep one kayak in the water and one at home, so if someone wants to go with me, they'll help getting it onto the roof.  I might also take a class with L.L. Bean to improve my paddling efficiency. 

I can't wait to get out there more - enjoy the sun, the fresh air, the weather and the relaxed feeling.

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