Thursday, June 27, 2013

beauty and brains

The last two months when ManFriend lived here, we went to the local bar for trivia night.  You didn't win much....a pitcher of beer or an appetizer for the bonus questions or a round of drinks for the final win...but it was fun.  We had a good balance, he was great with the art, music, history and sports and I was good with the common miscellaneous information, science, children's literature, math and some geography.  But we always came in second place....and he would get mad...and so it became a challenge and we kept going so we can win.  Even when he moved away, he said he wanted to go back (with me) so we can win - of course that didn't happen.

Well, tonight after a wake, I asked two of my girlfriends if they'd want to go to trivia night, lift our spirits...and they did.  And we WON (total we won 2 appetizers and a round of drinks - but we only used one of those)  The last round was tough and we knew we lost our lead but we won by one point...but we did it.  We all knew many of the questions, and I have to say we all chipped in and knew answers the others didn't (out of 50 questions I think we got about 39-43 of them correct).  I can't tell you how happy I was.  I wanted to text ManFriend and be like 'you might have had sex or are in a relationship...but the first time playing bar trivia without you I won...THAT is an accomplishment!'. And I know would have pissed him off because he tried so hard and he was always dwelling on the few questions that we got wrong...would talk about it for days or until the next time we went.  Of course I didn't text him because we aren't on speaking terms...which is why I had to rush home and tell you, my readers.

A little 'revenge' that he will never know about, but that is OK, I know and I am thrilled.

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