Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hotel towels

Hotels have these signs in the bathroom asking guest to ne cautious of the environment and if you agree, hand the towel on the rack and it won't be washed.

I don't need to use a clean towel everyday so I usually elect to put my towel on the rack as instructed.  However, especially at the nice hotels, the towel is never on the hook when I go back to the room. Instead all the towels are nicely folded on the rack.

I know they aren't drying my towel and refolding it before adding to the other few towels.  So I question why they ask me to make this decision to not abide by my wish.

At the particular hotel I am at, a JW Marriott, the bathroom has a nice look, but there is only one hook in the bathroom, and that is holding my used towel.  There is no place to hang my hand towel or my clothes when I shower or if they are wet from the gym.  It is a little frustrating.

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