Thursday, June 27, 2013

final payment

A last update on ManFriend.  After he told me about giving my earrings to another woman, I messaged him I wanted my money for the furniture and another $100 for the earrings by the time I returned from Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, over the last week, I thought about what kind of person I am and how I let people take advantage of me, but not wanting to change because of how a few people have treated me.

I am a very moral person. I believe in doing the right thing.  And it REALLY upset me that someone would just take-take-take.  Especially because asking for $400 was nothing compared to what was really owed to me...I thought I was being nice and really giving him a break.  Anyway, I struggled with considering small claims court...but since he moved states...that might have been really difficult. I thought about filing a police claim for theft, but it seemed so petty. I considered just going down there and taking it back, but I am a scardy-cat.  And really, it was only $400, small amount of money...and it wasn't the money I wanted, but him to PAY it. I know, it is wrong.

One of the first things I do when I got back to town was check my PO box, but there was no check.  However, it arrived today at the place I am currently staying for $300.  I am happy I don't have to worry about small claims.  But he found another way to piss me off, one last time.  OK, so he decided to send a personal check not a cashier's check and he dismissed the earrings.  whatever. I did wear them all the time and they were about $80 from one of those home jewelry parties...but really not a huge deal, I have them in copper too.

But what annoyed me was that the check was folded in a blank piece of paper in the envelope.  There was no note. Back on June 7th he said 'never mind the nice card I bought for you'...that he wanted to send the check to me with. I wanted that card. I wanted an apology. I wanted something.  Even a thank you for being patient or for the bargain furniture.  Not even a 'here you go'.

Another friend did this to me once. Sent me a check in a blank card.  No note.  I don't understand why people do this.  Are you so pissed off at me that you have to send me money?  That money is rightfully mine.  In a way, I perceive that action as they blame ME for whatever it is.  And I don't speak to that other person anymore either.  Is ManFriend so pissed off at me that he owed me a super small amount of money? or it could be anything ranging from knowing I would never speak to him again, that he fucked another woman or fifty and felt guilty that he was still attracted to me, or even that he knew I wouldn't drop it.  The best that I have the money...I really don't care anymore.

I feel like a huge weight/distraction has been lifted. I feel better.  I know I'll never speak to him again, and I am finally OK with that. I am going to try that prayer to St. Anne again and very soon, my future husband will come strolling along.

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