Friday, June 21, 2013

Cell phone lot

"Cell phone lot? Never heard of that. Hmm.  That must be an area where out of towners park their car and call for directions" said a 50 year old woman to her husband and adopted daughter.

I laughed so hard silently to myself.

I guess one thing going for me is I travel, I travel alone, I am naive in the area of man, but not common traveling sense. 

Even if you don't know what a cell phone lot is...or other common traveling things, don't say it out loud in public, you will have a target on your back for people to take advantage of.  I don't want to see people's trips be ruined because of something so simple.

A cell phone lot is an area for where cars go to wait a plane's arrival. Once you deboard and collect your luggage, you call your ride who should be patiently waiting in this lot, and they go and pick you up.  The reason for this lot is so the airport drop off area keeps moving. If everyone went to the doors and waited there would be a worse traffic jam than there already is.

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