Monday, June 17, 2013


So, ManFriend is still obviously very attracted to me.  He claims to miss me, love me and think of me often.  But he said his attraction and feelings for me scares him.  I am sorry but that is the biggest boatload of shit, oh, am I allowed to curse on here? I don't curse often if at all but sometimes it is just so fitting.

So why is that the biggest boatload of sh*t?  Because he has been in relationships before. He has given more of himself to other women. I was completely jipped (aka used) and he'd rather not be in a relationship with me because it scares him that he feels so 'strongly' about me.  He'd rather have a mediocre relationship or none than be with someone that you claim to feel comfortable around and that you are so attracted to?  He'd rather keep himself at a distance than try to love? I don't buy it. Not at all.

And if it is true then he has serious issues.  Way worse than all my issues.  At least I was willing to try to give myself to someone, to open up, to try.

Asshole. Coward. Liar.

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