Sunday, June 30, 2013


My apartment is still listed for sale. It has only been two months and the Realtor wants me to drop the price by $10,000 even though it hasn't been shown more than 30 times.  After discussing the options with my family, they all agreed it looks better with furniture in the place than it does empty.  I agree, it does look a little bigger, but I don't have a lot of extra furniture to stage the apartment and I am not going to spend a lot of money on furniture that I may not want for my next place.

It was decided that I had to move out and live there. While my parents went about this in a sort of nice way...I know this isn't the only reason they want me out.  I am a quiet tenant. I do all the grocery shopping and about half the cooking. I keep to myself.  What more could they want?

But two weekends ago, ManFriend came over.  He was supposed to pick me up to take me to dinner, but he wasn't hungry even though I was. And when he saw me he tried to devour me, calling me irresistible.  We didn't go out; instead we went inside to my room.  We had our customary 3 minutes of sex and then we laid in bed chatting.  I heard the garage door open - my father was home.  We stayed in my room/living room chatting and then my mother came home.  One of them had to park in the street since his car was in the driveway.  90 minutes or so later, I walked him to his car and he left (the last time I was to see ManFriend).  Then thirty minutes later my parents left for dinner.  They didn't make eye contact with me.

So this weekend was the first weekend we were all home since that day...and I am sure that while they know I am an adult, they are not comfortable with me seeing men in their house, especially while they are home.  They might not say it, but they want me out so I can carry on with my shenanigans without them knowing about it.

The problem however is that ManFriend is over and hence the sex has ended.  If I am going to live by myself, I will need to find a man to copulate with, make good use of the living alone situation.

"So, Denise, when are you going to move all your stuff?"  "I have a few days off coming up, maybe then" I replied. "hmm, maybe we will move you on Tuesday while you are at work" said my mother.

I am not going to move everything I own back over there...I am going to keep it simple.  They even suggested that I come over every weekend so I can cook in their kitchen and only bring enough clothes for 2-3 weeks at a time.  I am excited to live alone again...and even though that apartment is great, I know I am being crazy for not wanting to stay there longer.  But between buying it to get over SI and the last year and a half with ManFriend and the noise - I don't want to be there more than I have to be.  Time to move on.  Better things are waiting for me.

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