Sunday, June 2, 2013

transporting Kayaks & Rack & Go

These kayaks have consumed a lot of my time.

First it was finding one.  Getting accessories.  The roof rack (research & install).  Then it was deciding where to go.  Considering I live near the water, there aren't too many public boat launches.  I called the local harbor master a few times to get information about daily fees, permits and hours.

Then came the installation of the roof racks.  I believe I am good at following directions - I assembled my elliptical machine myself in February and I've built all those furniture pieces - like a dresser, bookshelf, etc.  I even installed an ice maker, changed a water line and I can change a light switch to a dimmer.  But I couldn't understand the directions for getting my roof rack on the car.  I got as far as assembling the cross bars with the towers.  I found a somewhat local Rack&Go that will install it - so I did that Memorial Day weekend, when it wasn't raining.  Rack & Go was fantastic.  They charged $25 per 15 minutes (I didn't know this until I paid, and was happy, I expected it to be more).  I drove the car around the back so they could work, and then I walked through the shopping center across the street for 45 minutes.  When I got back they weren't done, so I just hung out inside.  While there I also had them install the kayak carrier and locks. At least I felt confident that the rack was installed properly.  They were really nice and helpful.

The only downside with the Big Stack Kayak carrier when not in use is that while driving with the sunroof open, there is noise/wind resistance, but I don't hear it when the sunroof is closed so it isn't a big deal...and of course it is worth it provided I use it a lot.

There is one other 'problem' for me.  I am not strong enough to put a kayak on the car by myself.  So even after all this was done, I couldn't go kayaking alone since I I had no way to transport it.  So, I might still keep a kayak at the harbor for $150 for the season, I am going to get the application this week.  Time to start enjoying the summer!

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