Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As I sit in Bryant Park, listening to a non stop drill, I am reminded of my lack of friends.  This evening I have dinner plans with my mom, her best friend, and her daughter.  I have to wait in the city for two and a half hours before I pick them up in grand central.

Two and a half hours is too long to stay at work but not enough time to do something great,  especially since it is late afternoon.   Sure I could have hiked up to MOMA but I would have 45 minutes there before they closed, not worth it.  So I texted the very few people I know that work in the city and none were available or wanted to hang out.

I won't lie, this set off a little depression...I look around the park and everyone seems to have friends.  Sure a few people are at the moment alone but others soon join or maybe they at least have family to go home to.

I absolutely hate waiting in the city to do something at 7 or later.  Not only does it mean I won't get home until late, but it also means finding something to do alone.  If I knew before today that put plans were this late, I probably would not have agreed to meet them.  I doubt any of them thought "what will denise do for two and a half hours" I mean, I can't even eat since we are having dinner.  I don't want to drink alone and waste my calories/points, and my bag is to heavy to take a 10 mile walk.

Ah, another joy of being single and friendless.

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