Wednesday, May 29, 2013

belly sank

I logged onto LinkedIn to accept a link request, and I see ManFriend very recently connected to an attractive curly dirty blond who works in Hartford CT.  Most of his connections I haven't had a problem with because they were recruiters, but this one...I don't see how they would know each other.  So of course, I think he is sleeping with her.  And while that shouldn't bother me, my belly sank a little.  And then I think, OK so he lives in NJ now, that is quite a hike - 2.5 hours.  And he was lazy with me - barely seeing me when I lived 5 minutes away, although a previous girlfriend he said lived an hour away and he saw here a lot.

I don't know why my belly sank and I felt the need to write a post and get it off my chest.  I know he wasn't even close to being 'the one' and that I wasn't happy.  I guess it is the thought of him having sex and 'moving' on before me.  But that shouldn't be a surprise...all men seem to move on before I do, and I even told ManFriend last week that I had zero desire to sleep with anyone for a while (and I've had two people ask about my willingness to do so with them).

Update:  I wasn't 100% wrong, ManFriend did sleep with her...but like 3+ years ago.

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