Thursday, May 23, 2013

idea block

Things aren't really coming along fast enough.

I feel like I should be more motivated to do more.  And I try, I sat at my desk with my calendar out and a blank sheet of paper to write down all the things I wanted to do this summer.  And I just stared at it.  How can I not think about what I want to do to make this summer great?  I even turned to my bucket list for ideas and was like 'oh, I'll go to Graceland'. I looked up flights and they were cheaper than my other trips.  I was close to picking a day and booking my flight - but then I remembered I've spend about $3,500 in the last month!  Yikes.

OK, so some of that money is being reimbursed back to me, about $2,000 and some of that money is for things I still have to cancel or return and $400 is for an exam I have to take that I will be reimbursed for when I pass.

So, I really can't go to Graceland next month. But, I am still thinking about it, maybe in July.  The more important question is how was I this close to booking the Graceland trip, but I haven't finished booking my trip to Wyoming?  My problem with that trip is that everyday for the last week and a half I've stalked the airfares, but they are barely moving, and increasing everyday.  It is a trip I am definitely taking, but I don't even know the full dates!  It is good I can be so flexible, but it is slowly driving me crazy.  I guess I'll just book the flight once it goes down to $539.  I also have more hotel rooms than I need, but not sure which to keep because I don't know how long I am staying.

Another trip I'll be taking in September is a side trip at the end of a work trip.  I will be going with two other ladies, one of which I've hung out with and one that seems nice enough to want to spend a few extra days with.  Having three people who are so easy going is hard because we all don't care and we all don't want to do something the others don't.  We still have time, but it is going to be a bit pricey but I have time to save.

I also have to work on a study plan for my exam, but I know realistically I am not going to start studying for that until August.  So I keep putting that off too.

And worse, I have an elliptical but I don't do it when I get home from work because I am so hungry so I eat and I can't exercise right after I I am not exercising as much as I should be.  That pisses me off, because I do set my alarm for 5:15 am to wake up but for the last few weeks have been so exhausted I can't wake up - I am averaging about 3 hours 15 minutes of broken sleep each night...I'll blog about that another time.

So, what do you all do on weekends? Or if you had a few hundred dollars to get away for the weekend where would you go?  Or what kind of hobby do you have that you do at home after work?

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