Tuesday, May 14, 2013

you wouldn't survive a week

I have a few people (extended family and/or friends) who I finally had to hide from Facebook because I am so tired of them either complaining or pretending to be the happiest person ever.

This one woman is pregnant.  I swear, you would think she was the first pregnant person on Earth.  I am not sure how she is even surviving her pregnancy.  She has a cold, she threw up, the morning sickness is lasting too long, she is gaining weight, she is uncomfortable, she felt it move, she had to go to work, she is so tired, etc.  On top of that she is selling her place and buying a house.  So not only is she the first person pregnant, she also has the best life ever because she & the man she is married to (they've been together for 2 years) are buying a house.  

Don't even get me started on the teachers.  It is a great field, and once in a while I regret not going into teaching, but they are the most annoying Facebook friends.  First of all, they work 10 months plus have all those holidays and vacations; a great perk of becoming a teacher.  But these teachers complain the most about their jobs.  It snowed an inch and school wasn't cancelled?  The parents of the students are crazy.  They have to do report cards.  They have to make up a day from using too many snow days.  The kids were wild.  Parent-teacher conference days.  Etc.   I rarely complain about my JOB, the one I chose to do, on Facebook.  I commute in downpours, snow, sweltering heat.  On top of my weather commute - mass transit doesn't always work well, and the trains are supper packed or running late or cancelled.  I have clients, I have volunteers all of which during my career have been rude to me or were unresponsive.  I have staff meetings and I travel for work.  I work my butt-off.  I don't have the summer off.  I don't have the week from Christmas to New Years off.  I don't belong to a union.  I don't have the option of working in the summer for extra pay.  I can't wear jeans or sneakers to work.  I don't mind a little complaint here or there about a job and something that frustrated you - but when you do it daily or 3 times a week....maybe you shouldn't be a teacher, or maybe you need to start appreciating what you have.  I dream about you having my job...you wouldn't survive a week.

And those other people that updated their Facebook status 3-100 times a day...poof, you don't show up in my news feed either because I don't give a shit that you went to Starbucks  ran 3 miles, had a cookie you shouldn't have, or saw a pigeon poop on someone's head.


  1. What exactly, do you want to see on people's facebook statuses?

    I'm guilty of about half of these things!! :P

    And take it easy on teachers. They have the worlds SHITTIEST and most UNDER-APPRECIATED job ever. (not to mention they all make a median salary of $32,000 a year) Plus, they don't get "holidays off" most are working the whole time. And "summer vacation" consists of having maybe july and half of august off. They usually stay and go back about two weeks after kids do. And this is the break they get after working 10-12 hour days all school year.

    Okay, okay, Okay, I probably have too many relatives and friends who are teachers, so I can get defensive ;)

    1. I worked in a school for 4 years as a T.A. both my parents worked in a school for 20+ years, my sister works as an OT in the schools....I am not completely naive in this area. depending on where you live, some teachers do well especially with an advanced degree. Some of my teacher friends make more money than me....non profit jobs unless you are senior staff, the pay us not great. And I work through lunch, come in early stay late. I attend conferences where the day is from 7am-11pm for 5 or 6 days straight. I like what I do, I don't complain much. My financial friends and wall street folks never complain on Facebook about their long hours. But MY Facebook teacher friends complain about everything to the point I might deactivate my account because I am so tired to reading it everyday.

    2. Eeek not so sure you could survive a day in a Elementary Classroom. It definately not the walk in the park that you make it out to seem. Clearly you do not have anyone close to you in NY that has been impacted by the Cuomo and his APPR and Commom Core Change. We do not work ten months, believe it or not much of July and August is spent planning for the upcoming school year. If we are not planning we are in school preparing our classrooms. Just last month, I had not one but 3 students throw up all over their NYS exams. Maybe you should remove the friends that you find are causing you the headache. Normally love reading what you have to say you are however off in your perception of teachers.

    3. I worked in the Pre-K area for 2 years. And while it isn't something I would want to do now, I did it. I have a great amount of respect for teachers...my issue was with MY FB 'friend' and HER comments/complaints about HER job as a teacher (those examples above are things SHE said, not what I imagined). But I took your advice and I removed this person so I wouldn't have to constantly read about it - and maybe it wasn't just job related, maybe it was more she was just so negative and I am trying to be a more positive person.
      But teachers, they do get more time off than I do, that is a fact...even if some/most do work July & August. I certainly didn't mean to offend you or teachers, I happened to read my feed and it was full of crap and wrote about my experience.