Friday, May 10, 2013

the big roof rack decision

The only thing on my mind yesterday & today is how to transport my two kayaks.  I can either spend $150 each to moor them in the water near me or I can buy a roof rack and the kayak accessory thing - but that is nearing like $600, and well, I don't have that kind of money right now. I know the roof rack is more economical in the long run - provided I keep the kayaks for 2 summers and of course I can then go where ever, not just near where I live.  And later on, I can add more pieces to it like a luggage thing, cargo, bike rack, etc.

I read a bunch of blogs about what people think are the best, and it really varies so much.  I looked a the 'big' websites for sporting good: REI, EMS, Thule, Yakima, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority.  I even checked Amazon and Ebay just to get a full idea.  I know I need one that will fit two kayaks so that is one easy decision...but I am so completely confused otherwise.

And really, can I even manage to put roof racks on my car by myself? Probably, but it would take a while - I'd rather pay someone to make sure it is done right...but again that is money.

If any of you out there tell me what you have and if you like it, that might be helpful.  I have a small little car, which is good as in that I won't have to stretch too much or use a step stool to touch the top.

When I get one...I'll write about it, but until then...send me ideas.

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