Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Attractive jolt

On days you are sad or don't feel pretty, do you go out of your way to put on pretty panties, maybe a matching bra, a spray of perfume, heels? I notice I do that after a few days of being gloomy, sad or depressed.

What better time to do it then after a breakup.  I have to remember that I am fairly attractive and nice and I want to put out that good vibe and positiveness to the universe.  For the last few days I put on matching undergarments  I spent a little extra time on my makeup, my work clothes were put together a little slower and I hope that the weather cooperates with my hair.  I am not looking to get laid (I have two choices if that is all I wanted); I just want to feel better about myself and boost up that self-esteem.

And sometimes I do feel a little better, a nice, free, little jolt to feeling attractive.

1 comment:

  1. There's a lot of handsome, available fellas riding that train! You never know! :)

    And it feels good, to FEEL GOOD. Right?!!?!! :)