Saturday, May 4, 2013

A few of my FAVORITE things: Apps

I have an iPad, iPod and a [android] smart phone.  But I really don't take advantage of all the Apps out there.  I just don't see the need or want to waste my time playing those silly but addicting games...I like to think I have better things to do with my time.

But there are a few Apps I love:

Shazam - Ever wonder what that song that is playing on the radio is?  Well, just Shazam it.  Click the Shazam button when the song is playing and within seconds it can identify so many songs.  I think I only encountered one song on the oldies channel it couldn't identify...not bad.  It does not work necessarily in a loud bar or even at a concert - I've tried just to see if it would work.  This is my most used App, mostly because I am just so amazed.

Flight Board - This app wasn't free, but it wasn't expensive.  I travel a little, but this has been really handy especially because when I bought it we had a snowstorm and so many flights were cancelled and when I called the airline I was more informed.  It is laid out just like the boards at the airport...and living near 4 airports, I could easily look / find information for all of them.

Talk - Since I have gmail, the Talk app is fantastic - Instant messenger with contacts.

NBC/ABC/CBS - watch full episodes of most shows they broadcast.

My Fitness App - great way to count calories.  There is even a scanner function so you can scan a barcode and wohla, it is entered into your daily diary.  After playing around in the App a little - you realize how easy it is to use.

FitBit - you need the device, but the App is free.

ColorNote - I love lists.  ColorNote allows has two options - notes and check-off lists.  You can even change the color of the note so when you see the main page, it is all full of color.  Some of my lists:  "I Never" (for my 2013 Resolutions) and "Wines I Like" because I can never remember - and I barely remember to update this when I drink something I like when I am out and about.

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  1. Nice I use several of those too! I'll have to check out a few too! :)