Friday, August 1, 2014

another crazy excuse

The closing last Friday was cancelled and rescheduled for today.  I was hesitant that it would go through, but the few times I checked my phone throughout the day, I didn't get a message that it was off.  Work was insanely busy trying to get ready for the upcoming trip and I had to leave 2 hours early to get to the closing on time.

I arrive at my attorney's office before him, so I have a seat in the lobby.  A few minutes later this man walks in that reminds me so much of ManFriend.  He comes straight over to me and tells me how familiar I look to him and that we must have met.  It was strange because I felt the same way...but figured it was just the similar features of ManFriend; we chat about 15 minutes.

My attorney comes in and said he needed to talk to me.  I knew right away that the closing wasn't happening.  So, we sit in the conference room and he tells me their new excuse why they weren't showing up today.  Of course I am disappointed and upset.  They wasted my time, they've lied.  Fortunately, these are all emotions I am very familiar with and I've gotten much better in the last two years realizing that I have no control over these things and I can't let it upset me.  I sat there and listened to my attorney, the excuses and then I heard they hope to close by mid-month.  that is still 13 days away, plus/minus a few.  That is three months after signing the contract, 1 1/2 months after they told me they were going cash, and about 4 weeks after our first scheduled attempted closing.  The attorney advises me not to give my notice at work...but yet, I need to give three weeks - that puts me in quite a predicament with my current plans...but I am flexible because it isn't like I am going for a job at a start date and I didn't sign a lease yet.

And now, I am not sure if it is even going to happen.  We gave them until tomorrow to let us know if they are dropping out or to supply proof they have the home equity.

If they do...great.  I signed a power of attorney because I'll be away for 8 days and I can't make some times this week because of the work commitments (and I've been telling everyone since February that the next two weeks are really bad for me, that I needed to close prior to this).  If they don't....then I am back to relisting the apartment and I keep the down payment.  Sure, I'll have the 10% but that means that I'll be paying for an empty apartment for who knows how long.  While that would cover the mortgage, it also means I would be more hesitant to move not knowing how long it will sit there.  The spring market is over.  And remember, the apartment looks way better with things in it...and it is empty. I've sold or gotten rid of all my living room furniture and I am not going to buy furniture to stage the apartment a second time!  So this is NOT ideal.  

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