Tuesday, August 26, 2014

going away party

My parents really wanted to throw me a going away party, but since I am not handling the goodbyes well, I really didn't want one.  But once we talked about it and agreed for something very small and casual, I agreed.

The party was held the day after my last work day, about a week before I departed.  My aunts, uncles, cousins and my family were invited, and most of them showed up to wish me well before I head out.  My aunts told me how proud they were of me of my courage and strength to pick up and leave.  My cousins offered some tips on the long journey and sleeping in the car or camping.  They all gave me a card and some money or gift cards, which was unexpected but of course very much appreciated.

My road trip journey out there
My nieces and nephews helped my parents and sisters with the decorations.  They  turned the dining room table into my road trip, complete with matchbox cars, road signs and mountains.

They turned empty boxes into luggage decorations and put maps on water bottles.  They did a really cute job and make the party more 'fun' than serious.

My sister read a short story and pulled out matching products as the word was said.  Like, 'we ALL (laundry detergent) wish you well', 'i hope you find a job that pays a 100 GRAND (candy bar)', etc. The story flowed well and was really cute.  Some items were practical for my trip...and others, well I gave back to her to either return or to keep and eat.

As people started to leave and said their goodbyes, I cried...even though I knew I'd see them again at holidays and other family functions.

Cute little luggage decorations

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