Friday, August 29, 2014

making sure it fits

The day before departure, I starting to figure out what I can actually fit in the car.  Some of the boxes I originally packed, wouldn't fit right for maximum space, so I began to unpack and repack for a fourth time.  I even cut a big box down in height because it fit my vacuumed sealed clothes perfectly in length. 

Mostly the items brought along were clothes, a few pairs of shoes, beauty/bathroom supplies and some miscellaneous things/papers.  Everything else stayed behind.

I could have fit more in the car, but I decided to have someone join me for the first part of the trip, so I needed to make sure I left enough room for her bags and her.  All which will be 'free' space half way through the trip. I wanted to be able to see out of the back window, so I didn't pile up as high as I could have either.  I also purchased the crossbars for the top of the car, so I considered getting a cargo case, but didn't really want all that and the noise resistance noise for the whole trip and still wanted to be open the moon roof and see above.
left half back seat for friend's stuff

After everything was in I bungeed the bags so they wouldn't slide too much while driving.  I used two small blankets to cover up the stuff even though my back windows have a slight tint to it, making it harder for people to see what I was toting along.

I stored food and a cooler bag on the back ground, easy access.

It wasn't the best packing job...I am sure I could have gotten a lot more in if I tried harder...but I'd be living in a hotel/out of my car, so how much stuff did I want to bring that I wouldn't even be using?

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